dELiA*s is Back!

Quick post about dELiA*s:

Are you as happy about the relaunch as I am? They went bankrupt in December 2014, so I naturally bought every pair of jeans available in my size.

I’m kind of happy I did that because from my first impression of looking at the jeans section on the website, I don’t remember paying that much. Of course jeans were on super sale because everything had to go, but now they look overpriced. The most I’ve paid for a pair of jeans is around $21-$28 max. Now I am seeing $49.90-$54.90 for a pair of jeans. What a difference!

I suggest only getting these on sale when it’s worth it. I can’t speak about the dresses, because I only purchased a black cardigan, which is still alive by the way, and I’ve gotten a number of graphic tees in high school as gifts. They were kind of my thing.

Right now, I don’t seem to see a sale section. I guess they had to up their prices in order to pay for how long they’ve been gone.

What do you think? Will you shop at dELiA*s?

13 thoughts on “dELiA*s is Back!

  1. I’ve only heard of dELiA*s but not really looked on the site.
    I think I’m too old for the site, but I like this:

    Jeans are expensive – I don’t WANT to pay more than $30 but them but in reality they’re usually around $80 here even at the Gap. Gah.


  2. When Delia’s was having that huge sale, I believe I bought 3 or 4 pairs of jeans for just $17. Otherwise, their jeans are REALLY expensive >_<
    I usually don't shop at Delia's because I think it's too overpriced for the quality, but I do have a cute penguin top from them that I bought a few years back! ^_^


  3. Ooh, the prices went up?! I thought that was the whole appeal of delia*s – cheap and cheerful. I remember browsing the site back in my 20s but I never bought anything since I didn’t know they’d fit.

    I generally like to get discounted jeans at the Gap (<$30, and I've even gotten a pair or two for <$10!), or I'll occasionally splurge on a designer pair at Winners.


  4. Goodness! What a price difference!!! I always have the best luck at old navy for jeans – they are indestructible! I like either the diva or flirt fit because they are classic jeans with great washes and little to no stretch – I don’t know why, but I hate when jeans have a lot of stretch!


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