Review | Sally Hansen Wax Strips


Waxing — It’s something we don’t talk about often, but here we go! We’re doin’ it.

Sally Hansen Wax Strip Kit has been a part of my life for many years, and that’s because I’m too scared to get anything professionally waxed. Furthermore, this is an inexpensive ($5.99) way to get rid of unwanted hair. I have this belief that if I do it myself, I only have myself to blame when it hurts.

The ones I use are for the face, brows, and bikini area. They come in pre-cut strips that are essentially held together by the wax itself. I have tried all three areas, but I mainly use the wax strips for my upper lip when using a tweezer just won’t cut it. This box lasts and won’t expire until the 24 month mark.


Here’s how to use them:

-Warm up the strips in your hands by rubbing them in your hands.
-Pull apart the strips (cut them to your liking if needed)
-Place them on the area, following the direction of growth of hair.
-Close your eyes and Pull!

Bam. You are hairless.

-Now it’s time to apply the Azulene Finishing Oil which aids in calming the skin’s redness down and removing any leftover wax bits that the strip may have missed.  Thank goodness they added this or I’d just be red. My skin is very sensitive.

Warning – Gross. Keep in mind that this may not work for coarse hair. Never wax the same spot twice, I learned the hard way and an entire layer of skin just got ripped up with the wax strip. I was red for a few days, had to wait for it to scab up until finally it peeled off. Well, on that note…

What’s your favorite way to remove unwanted hair?

18 thoughts on “Review | Sally Hansen Wax Strips

  1. I’ve used these for my face before, I always have them handy for ‘mustache’ emergencies because they’re so convenient! Sometimes I feel like I can’t get all the hairs so I end up plucking the stragglers later. I usually get my brows waxed at a salon, I don’t trust myself with that!


  2. OUCH. Re: the warning. OUCH OUCH OUCH.
    Have you ever considered sugaring? I’m telling you, once you change to sugar, you won’t go back to the messiness of wax. No nee to use oil to remove oil residue on skin or anything else since it’s water soluable, it rinses off with warm water. The sugar doesn’t doesn’t grab onto SKIN – it sticks to hair so it doesn’t tug at the skin as much.


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