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I’m going to try to pick out my Holy Grail/forever products, whether it’s for skincare, makeup, hair, etc. Let’s get started.

I have oily, sensitive, acne-prone skin and this is one of the products I always find myself going back to. Sometimes I wonder, why do I stray from the product that keeps my skin happiest? I’ve figured out it’s from boredom, to see if there’s anything else out there that’s better, only to be disappointed — I find myself crawling back to Clinique. Want proof? These are my praises and rave reviews on all things Clinique:

Click here, here, here, here, and here.

Brace yourself for another rave review…


Clinique Dramatically Different Gel is my first official holy grail face product. I never use the term “holy grail,” but now that I’m using it, you know I mean it! This moisturizing gel is something I’ve been using for years (possibly 10+ years.) Let’s just call this the base moisturizer that I go back to — let me explain.

My skin has had its ups and downs due to acne, oil, and sensitivity, but through and through, my skin has always enjoyed Clinique moisturizers. I may have had to switch up the type of moisturizer, but it’s always from this trusted brand. For instance, there was a time in my life where I actually had extremely dry skin, which was a nice change, but I had to switch from gel to a thicker, more intense lotion (Moisture Surge (Fall/Winter) and then Moisture Surge Intense (Winter + unbearable Dry skin))

The DDG is great for oily skin because it is oil-free. The texture is light and once applied, sinks into the skin. It visibly leaves the skin looking noticeably smooth and clear. The moment I knew I should continue its use… forever… was when I went back to Clinique after finishing up a different moisturizer where on two separate occasions on the same day, two family members asked me what I had done differently to my skin because it just looked so good!

Hands down, my favorite skincare brand — Have I convinced you to try Clinique? 

29 thoughts on “Holy Grail | Daily Moisturizer

  1. You’re making me pine for this! I don’t use the Gel version, I just use the Lotion version. I really have to use up a couple more of my lingering lotions before I can repurchase this. You’re right – I think we stray because of boredom. But nothing will ever replace this HG for me too! ❤


  2. I love and completely trust Clinique products. I’m pretty sure it was Clinique that got me out of my acne phase.
    I’ve used the DD lotion because it’s more suited for my dry skin.


    • We are on the same page! Clinique saves acne prone and sensitive skin! Lotion is great for dry skin. Gel is great for my oily skin. Have you tried moisture surge? I use that in the winter time when my skin is a bit drier.


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