Hair | Faux French Braid


If you’re like me, you can do fishtail braids… on nails and braids… on scarves but not on your own hair! It’s tough to tie a perfect french braid on the back of your own head. It basically an arm workout.

Here is a way to fake it ’til you make it. All you need are three clear elastics/hair ties that match your hair color and two bobby pins for any strays.


In the first few pictures, I am just showing you the method. In the last pictures, you’ll see how to apply the method to a different haristyle. Does that makes sense? Keep reading and I promise it will.


1.Start with dry combed hair.

2. Gather your hair into a loose side pony tail with a hair tie.

3. Right above the hair tie, split the hair into two even sections, forming a hole.

4. Flip the bottom piece of hair into the hole and pull it out from the other side.

5. You’ll be left with a beautiful twisting effect.

Now that you know the method. Start your hair off with dry combed hair and put it up into a half pony tail. Preferably start the half pony at your ears and work your way down.

Faux French BraidIMG_5115

1.Apply the Method to your half pony tail.

2. Moving onto the next section, keep taking layers underneath the half pony tail and gathering all the hair from that point up together, repeating the method.

3. Repeat until all the hair is twisted.

4. You may have some extra hair at the bottom, depending on how long your hair is. I regularly braided it and tied the end off with a clear elastic.

5. Secure any strays with bobby pins, I usually have to use them around the base of the braid. We want it messy, but not actually messy. You see?


The end! This hairstyle is effortless and keeps the hair out of your face. Now is a good time to show off your earrings as well. I hope you enjoyed both of the easy hairstyles I did this week: Crown Braid

Is there any hairstyle you’d like to see me do in the future?

22 thoughts on “Hair | Faux French Braid

  1. What a great idea! My french braids never come out how I want them to so I’m gonna give this a go. I love easy hairstyles that look stylish and this will definitely help me to switch it up!


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