August Empties | 2015


I am so happy that I have a few makeup empties, thanks to my makeup no buy. There’s also a little bit of skincare and body care with a grand total of six, seven products in my empties for the month of August.

The reason why I say “six, seven” products in the intro is because I used up the body scrub that was originally in this packaging, removed the labels so I could give my DIY Body scrub a home, and ended up finishing that as well.

List of Products:

Body CareIMG_3543Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body ScrubReview – I enjoyed this scrub very much for the summer time. I would not recommend it for the winter time due to its citrus scent and its less harsh scrubbing properties. Overall, I had a great time using this product especially because it was the most unique smelling scrub I had ever tried before.

Repurchase? Yes, it had a lovely scent and the right amount of exfoliation for summertime.


DIY Lavender Vanilla Sugar Body Scrub – I never knew how good a homemade body scrub would be. It smelled nice, its roughness was perfect, and its moisturizing properties you feel afterward were great. I’m glad it’s done only because I can try to make a coffee scrub next.


Clinique Dramatically Different™ Moisturizing Gel Most recent Rave Review – I love Clinique moisturizers. Need I say more? Yea? Okay. The gel formula is oil free and is great for oily skin types, sensitive and acne prone skin. Used this for years and will continue to use it for more years to come.

Repurchase? Yes, of course. Already opened up the big boy (6.7 fl. oz.) and am happily using it for both daytime and nighttime.


CoverGirl VolumeExact Mascara – Review – This mascara made my lashes look noticeably long and defined rather than what the name suggests, which is volume. Although, I did not mind because that’s what I like in a mascara. This mascara was very impressive in holding the curl, even though it was not a waterproof formula.

Repurchase? Yes/Can’t – Discontinued


Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner – Used in this makeup look – I cannot believe I actually finished up a liquid eye liner. My eyes are small so they don’t require that much liner to begin with and when I do do winged eyeliner, it’s usually when I go out. I hardly do liner or cat eyes in the day time. I’m shocked it’s gone!

Repurchase? No worries, I have like 6 or 7 of these in black + different colors. It’s quite the collection.

Deluxe Sized Samples:



Clarins Eclat du Jour Crème Hydratante Jour – No link because it kept leading me to all the French websites. I should know by now that moisturizers that do not say Oil-free on them are the enemy. It smelled great, applied well, and was on the thicker side. I broke out and after using it a few times, I figured it was the culprit. I gave it a shot since I love their discontinued Clarins SPF 40.

Purchase? No – broke out on my cheek and above my mouth area.


Origins Plantscription™ Anti-aging eye treatment – Review – This eye cream was just moisturizing enough and I could visibly see the fine lines decrease in appearance. It was a lovely sample that lasted me a very long time. I think this is the start of a lovely Origins relationship via eye creams anyway. That’s a start!

Repurchase? Yes, for summertime especially.

Have you tried any of my August empties? What did you think about them?

13 thoughts on “August Empties | 2015

  1. Dang, they always discontinue the good stuff, right? I still need to try your body scrub rec, but want to finish up my current scrubs! I normally like Clarins skincare – sorry to hear that one broke you out 😦 At least you know that you need to stay away from the stuff with oil in it!


  2. Why do they have to discontinue that CG mascara! It was really good. Damn you, CG.
    That Clarins cream is called “Daily Energizer Cream-Gel” now!
    Haha why do you have so many of the Stila eye liners? Were they part of a set?


  3. Used to use Clinique Moisturising gel. Got it in small tube for convenience but too bad it was not hydrating enough for my problem skin – so I had to give it up. Now, California Baby’s Calendula Cream is my favourite (I had a review on it recently) coz I can just use it on its own without toners! Super fast mornings!


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