August Favorites | 2015


We might as well call this the month of the lip products… You’ll see what I mean.



Extraordinaire by Colour Riche® Shade: Blushing Harmony – Because I haven’t been wearing any makeup due to it melting off my face and then drying into a patchy mess, attractive I know, I have been focusing on my lips. This shade is a MLBB shade and is perfectly glossy without being sticky at all. I’m impressed with how non-sticky this is. It’s absolutely comfortable to wear. Although, because it is a lip gloss, you’d have to reapply more than you would a lipstick, which I have no problem with.


NARS Satin Lip Pencil Shade: Rikugien – This is a sample from the Sephora Birthday gift this year and I gotta say, I’m gonna finish this little guy up! Again, if I have no makeup on, I find myself reaching for this rosy pink color and I think it is so flattering. Another MLBB shade for me!

Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Liner – Shade: Natural –
 This has been my go-to lip liner for over a year. I love how versatile it is. I not only use this under neutral lipsticks, but I also use it as a base for my statement lipsticks as well. Who said you need to match your lip liner with your red lipstick? WHO?!


NYX Slim Lip Pencil – Shade: LPL16 Natural – Yes, I’m still focusing on my lips. Last one, I promise. Natural is a shade I nearly tossed out, but I’m so happy I didn’t because sometimes you need a neutral pinkie brown shade to wear alone, underneath a lippie, or smudged to make your lips look bigger. I like to use the last method I mentioned and here’s how I do it: Apply Rimmel Natural all over the lips, line just the bottom and cupids bow with NYX Natural to make the lips appear a bit more pouty. I never leave it alone like that. I definitely have to blend it in a little with my finger so everything looks natural.

Swatches:IMG_5337Top L – R: Rimmel Natural, NARS Rikugien
Bottom L – R: L’Oreal Blushing Harmony, NYX Natural


Kat Von D Tattoo Liner – Shade: Trooper – I never thought this day would come. I have been so in love with Stila liquid eyeliners (I have quite the collection.) This is JUST AS GOOD, possibly better. AH! I was so nervous to say that. Okay, let’s just compare the two, shall we? Stila has a felt tip which I was/still am all for. Then Kat comes all up in here with this new and improved brush tip. It makes a world of difference when you’re trying to get those cat eyes just perfect. I find that the firm yet flexible brush tip does not result in unwanted harsh linesIMG_5330

Urban Decay Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette Look 1Look 2 – I almost can’t believe that this is the UD palette I’m about to rave about instead of the original Naked palette, which I swore was my favorite. Move over, original! This is the palette that helped me find the balance between wearing straight up pink, which makes me look like I have a terrible eye infection, and finding shades of pink that actually work with my skin tone. I think it’s the fact that there are rose gold shades and brownie-pinks that make them warmer in tone, which is lucky for me because I think they are such pigmented, easily blended eye shadows that you can do a ton of looks with.

Non-makeup favorites:IMG_5332

China Glaze Re-fresh Mint – See how it applies here and here. It’s that perfect shade of mint mixed with a hint of blue that I was looking for all summer. I’m wearing it on my toes as we speak!


Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray –  This stuff smells great, it smells like you’re at the beach so you can really smell the sea salt. It holds my hair when I let my hair out of a messy bun and want to keep the messy effortless waves intact. Even if my hair was straight, it adds texture and some volume to flat looking hair.

Last but not least…


Rebecca Minkoff M.A.B. Tote Mini – This has been my Summer staple, my go-to bag. I never thought that I could wear a brightly colored orange bag almost everyday, but somehow it works! I like it because it’s small, yet has a lot of space inside. The color livens up casual outfits but can also be paired with bright summer outfits. (RIP Mini MAC, I will never forget you.)

These are the favorites I had for the month of August. Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed my Favorites post. Have you tried any of my favorites? What did you think of them?

47 thoughts on “August Favorites | 2015

  1. Great picks! I’ve had my eye on the UD Palette for ages..those those rose and brown shades are gorgeous.
    And I’m a big believer of bright handbags/totes. They look great against basics and black outfits 🙂


  2. Love the RM bag! And I went from Stila to KVD too, I really thought the Stila was the best until then. And I have the retractable lip liner from Rimmel in Natural, they look similar in the swatch, I wonder if they’re exactly the same.


    • Thank you! I love it too! OMG we are on the same page. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still really like the Stila ones, but I just had no idea there were other liners out there. I’m out of my Stila bubble! Oh! Mine is really old. So I assume they are the same, just different packaging.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. LOVE the MAB Mini Tote, and all your lippies! But yeah I do use a red liner with red lipstick 😀 Hahahahaha! Nothing wrong with your way, though – I do it sometimes, too. I still like lipliners a LOT.


      • I can’t really pull of really really dark lip colors because they don’t suit me or my personality very well. BUT the darkest I can go is definitely Berry! So that’s what I end up doing for Fall 🙂 Thank you so much for the nicest compliment in all of the blogosphere! It made my day 🙂


  4. I still haven’t tried the Nars Rikugien – mental note to find it and use it on ma face this week!
    Also, I really need to make time for lip liners. I have a whole bunch of them and I can’t tell you the last time I attempted to use them… sad.
    Heee, I like your lippie swatches! 😛
    Oooh brush tips is where it’s AT for liquid liners. I dislike felt tip very much – they get clogged up so much quicker. I’m going to bet $20 that the liner is made in Japan. Go ahead, check, I’ll wait. 😛 Have you ever tried the Physician’s Formula liner? I love it. Also made in Japan. And the tip is very fine – I think it’s even finer than the KVD one (just gauging by the photos)


    • Yes try it! MLBB color.

      Lip liners are something I never really thought about until I wanted my lip to last when I went out at night. It makes a world of difference!

      Thank you! I was like should I swatch my arm? NAH, hearts on paper.

      I have never tried the PF. You really like it?! I checked and the KVD says Made in Korea, but my Stila one says Made in Japan.


  5. OH MY GOD – The Rebecca Minkoff bag! SO GORGEOUS!!!!! Awesome favorites! Thanks for sharing the lipliners because I’m not the most skilled in that department and I want to check out some that you mentioned.


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