Birthday Haul


Last Birthday related post for the year… I promise!

I enjoy reading birthday presents haul blog posts because I find them to be somewhat telling of the person that received them. These are gifts given by people that love them and who else would know you best? Here are gifts from my lovely family.

Nike Sneakers – I have been searching for a pair that I could wear casually or athletically.
Photo Light Box + accessories (below) – So thoughtful of them to support my blog by making my photos look better.
Face Masks – I’m a beauty blogger, hello? 🙂 Review coming soon!


Nail Art Dotting Tools – Perfect dots for my manicure Mondays
Rebecca Minkoff Bag My favorite RM bag died due to an oil massacre, and this is my pretty blush pink replacement.  YAY!
Dress with cutouts Something I’ve been searching for – I tried it on and it fits really well. Love the color.
Wildfox Jumper I can’t get enough of these. Look at how cute those kisses are!
Black leggings with pockets – I’ve never had leggings with pockets so this is a first.
Accessories – Lights, backgrounds and tripod – My photos may look different, hopefully for the better. I am still working on the lights and backgrounds, still playing around.

Thank you to my family for these wonderful gifts. I can’t wait to use them all! Also, Thank you for reading this short and sweet blog post. Onto regular blog posts!

Please leave a comment below especially if you have any suggestions on how to make my photos look better using these new accessories, I would really appreciate all the help! 

23 thoughts on “Birthday Haul

  1. Oh of course you got a new RM bag! And a Wildfox jumper. And more nail tools hehe! SO YOU. 😛
    Yay for new photo light box and accessories! 😀 I would say to play around with them – trial and error is really the only way to find out what works for you. Also, do you photograph everything and post through your phone? I’m just asking since you should consider that some people might not view your blog via mobile – just make sure to consider people who may access through laptop or tablet – they can see more details in photos than from a phone.

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    • OMG I was so shocked and happy to have another RM bag. They know me too well. Wildfox jumper is super cute and I can’t wait to wear it. I could probably wear it soon since it’s getting chillier and chillier here!

      Interesting point! I am definitely just playing around with the lighting, backgrounds, etc. I feel like such a beginner! I used to photograph from my phone, upload to my computer and post from there. Is that what you mean? Now I am trying to photograph mostly with a camera, upload to my phone, upload that to my computer, and then post from WordPress. Does that make sense?

      A lot more work, but when I check my work on a computer, everything looks fine. I hope everyone can see what I’m seeing!


  2. Love your Nike which reminds me that of an Airmax that I’m lusting over. Have to also include that on my birthday wish list. *crossfingers*
    Love your RM bag. I’m sensing a collection of RM’s from Joy duly out soon! 🙂
    Yes, trial and error would be your best experience for your new photo light box.


      • I always love black. I feel that I could pair them with casuals but let’s see. There’s a lot of whites too which really looked good. Aahh! Now, so many colors come flashing suddenly I’m confused! 😀
        Here’s waiting for those photos. It’ll be a lot of fun, you’ll see.

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