HELP! | Where Can I Sell My Clothes/Bags?

Today’s bonus post is a very simple question: What website can I sell my used/designer shirts, bags, and shoes?

I already heard of PoshMark, but is there a better option? — Please let me know in the comments below.


All of your answers are greatly appreciated!

43 thoughts on “HELP! | Where Can I Sell My Clothes/Bags?

  1. I also have the same problem, I have donated some of my clothes and wanna sell my other stuff. I am thinking of eBay, postmark and what other bloggers do, they create another IG account post the item there for your followers to see and payment through paypal. I have not done it yet but I will soon.


  2. Bonanza, perhaps? I have only bought bags and shoes there, though, and not for a couple of years now.

    I know you said website, but have you looked for any consignment shops in your local area?


  3. Hi Joy! I use Vinted. It’s both an app and a website. You can sell, buy, and swap all sorts of things ranging from beauty products to designer handbags. ☺ I’m pretty sure that they have a system in place where you have to verify that the designer handbags you’re selling are authentic (you can imagine thousands of people try to sell imposters). I honestly love Vinted. I’ve always had great selling and buying experiences. I haven’t used Poshmark so I can’t say much about it. With Vinted, the seller doesn’t have to pay for shipping! One thing that’s slightly annoying is Vinted keeps something crazy like 19% of the sale. Also, whenever I had a problem, the Vinted team always responded in a reasonable amount of time…never more than 36 hours if I remember correctly. If you decide to join Vinted, tell me your username and I’ll definitely follow you! 💕

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    • Thanks for letting me know! I believe it’s the same on PoshMark because there is a chat section. I’ve heard stories of customers asking the seller to lower the price — then it’s lowered, and they still don’t purchase it. They kind of screw you over because the new customers see that you lowered the price the first time and then they want you to lower it even more from that price!


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