How to Fix Broken Powders


Alcohol! I’m sure most of you already knew that, but this is actually my first time doing it. My little nephew and niece got their hands on my makeup, dropped it on the floor, and then said, “Oops. Sorry!” Luckily, I’ve heard about this trick but sadly, I have to use it. Let’s fix this, shall we?

Depending on how much powder is left, add alcohol little by little, until the powder bits look soaked. With your clean fingers, break up the powder into what initially looks like liquid makeup and smooth it out as much as you can. Let it dry overnight and the powder is as good as new!


How easy was that? It’s all about being patient. I have used both powders and found that the alcohol did not change their consistency once it dried completely. I’m more of a fan of how the face powder turned out than the eye shadow. I’m thinking because I didn’t break up the entire eye shadow pan, it appeared darker in some spots, but hey, as long as it works!

Have you tried this trick on your broken powders? How did it go?

29 thoughts on “How to Fix Broken Powders

  1. Oooh those naughty little monkeys! If you recall, I’ve got this shattered beauty:

    It’s still sitting in my drawer – I was debating just crushing it and using it loose but I think I’m going to attempt the alcohol thing, because as you know, I’ve got a lot of alcohol laying around! 😀
    I’ve seen people using some sort of metal press to pushed down the powders, I might use a sheet of paper towel and press down using a cup or something.


  2. Luckily, I haven’t broken any powder makeup that I got upset over, but this is a good tip to remember. When my kid gets older, I assume I’m going to run into more of these kinds of…accidents.


  3. I really need to keep this in mind next time one of my powders breaks! I recently tossed an eyeshadow because it was a mess, but with a little patience and this method I probably could have salvaged it! Such is life! Great tip!

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