OOTD: Rainy Days


For my niece’s birthday, we went to the Renaissance Faire, and it rained, kept raining, drizzled, and then finally stopped. What’s good about that weather is that a whole crowd of people left meaning less lines for food. This was my first time attending a Renaissance Faire where even the guests dress up and really get into character. It was entertaining for the most part! I, on the other hand, dressed for the rain:

Jacket: Hive & Honey | Shirt: J Crew | Shorts: Charlotte Russe | Rain boots: Burberry | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Every time it rains, what makes me happy is the fact that I get to wear my rain boots. It was still quite hot at the time and I was still able to wear my black shorts with white pinstripes with a soft black and white belt to tie into a loose bow. My shirt was filled with polka dots and layered on top was my favorite jacket to wear when it rains. This is how I incorporate mixing and matching two different patterns. Very subtly because I don’t know how else to do it unless it is floral and stripes. It is by no means a rain jacket so of course a good ol’ umbrella saved me. I like that it is color blocking — maroon with gray sleeves — but also has huge pockets, a zipper, hood, and drawstrings to adjust to your waist. It lets you have a shape in what would have been an unstructured jacket.

Have you ever been to a Renaissance Faire? How was it?

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