Updated: What’s in My Bag?


My orange Rebecca Minkoff bag has been with me since the summertime and can also be transitioned into fall time as well. All I have to do is pair it with darker fall hues and it still serves as my pop of color. Now let’s see what’s inside my bag…

Since I did a post in the winter of what’s in my bag, I thought I’d update on what I carry around during the warmer months.IMG_5981


I have a Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer in the scent I Love Bling. It smells like rock candy and has been lasting me a really long time. Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets are great for quick touch ups throughout the day. MAC Lip Tint in Full of Grace is my go-to glossy lip balm because it has SPF and has a sheer pink color. I also have a L’Oreal Colour Riche Balm in Caring Coral for the same purpose; it is sheer, shiny, and acts as a lip balm. And of course, I need a mirror to apply all of these products to my face when I’m on the go.


A coupon to get a free drink from Dunkin Donuts and a pen is as random as it gets. At least I didn’t pull out a frisbee, which I’ve had in bigger bags.


Keys, money, cell phone, lipgloss — My key chain is Minnie Mouse with a B, (Everyone wonders why someone named Joy has a B key chain, but it’s an inside joke!) my coach wallet, and one more lip product. I found that because I barely wore makeup during the summer, I didn’t even want a tint on my lips. This Aquaphor is great because it protects your lips from the sun and is a clear gloss.

What are your essentials inside your handbag?

23 thoughts on “Updated: What’s in My Bag?

  1. Cute bag!! You inspired me to get my little orange RM bag!! I have never done a what’s in my bag post. I always want to see what other people have but I always think I’m boring, no one would care about what I have 😢


  2. Hey a pen isn’t random! I ALWAYS carry a pen! You wouldn’t believe how many times it’s saved me. 🙂
    I never carry hand sanitizer with me but maybe I should? I just have one at my desk…
    I love reading these types of posts! I should do one…


  3. I love snooping into other people’s bag. I’m intrigued of what they carry inside.
    I also had a hand sanitizer with me, wipes, ballpen and a little notebook for notes ( yeah, it’s not random) a bunch of lipsticks and a couple of perfumes. What random for me are hair brushes.


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