TONYMOLY Skin Purifying Face Mask Review


TONYMOLY Skin Purifying Face Mask is a drenched sheet mask that has openings for your eyes, nose and mouth. The directions say to cleanse your skin, and then, place the mask on your face and leave it for 20-30 minutes. Of course I used it for the full half hour.

Before Mask:

I made sure to examine my skin after cleansing my face. My main concern was that I saw redness in my cheek area. This skin purifying mask claims that the “Magkeolli mask will make uneven skintone look radiant and glowing.” 


After Mask:

I was very relaxed while wearing a mask that made me look like a serial killer. I watched The Mindy Project while waiting and chuckling, and the mask was comfortable to wear and had a nice, subtle smell. When it was time to remove the mask, I made sure to massage the remaining essence gently all over my face. Once the essence had dried slightly, I stalked my face once again.

I found that the redness that was initially bothering me was nowhere to be found. My skin looked hydrated but not oily. My skin did look plump and moisturized. And my face was still feeling great refreshing after effects of the mask.


Yes! I could not believe the power of a 30 minute face mask because I rarely use face masks in the first place. I am always afraid that they will clog my pores and/or break me out like some have done in the past. The mask lived up to its claims and I saw instant results. Not only does this benefit your skin, it’s always a fun treat to feel like you’re at a spa.

Let me know your experience with TONYMOLY face masks!

What is your favorite face mask? What does it do for your skin?

25 thoughts on “TONYMOLY Skin Purifying Face Mask Review

  1. I waver back and forth about whether sheet masks are miracle workers or not – some times I won’t see much of a difference, sometimes dramatic, but I think the bottom line is that they’re really pampering and adds hydration to my skin (even if temporary). I try to actually lie down when I’m wearing a mask to really relax (one I fell asleep for an hour and the mask had dried almost completely on my face lol)
    I really like 3D masks where the sheet has a seam down the middle so that it’s shaped more to the face, like this:

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  2. I love Tony Moly – I need to keep an eye out for these! The first and only sheet mask I’ve used so far is the one from Garner WHICH IS AMAZING, so I definitely want to try other kinds!


  3. I haven’t tried any Tony Moly yet but had a few Korean sheet masks. It really is so hydrating and a life saver if you want an instant dewy skin. I remember having that 3D kind also but it’s a Kabuki Inspired Sheet Mask from Japan. That I might be giving to Chris if she wants effective scaring come Halloween. 😄


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