HRH Collection | Metallic Coco + Tattoo Bracelet


I’ve had my eye on the Metallic Coco Bracelet for a while and I finally got it as a gift. I am so happy especially because the promo comes with a free Tattoo Bracelet (regularly $22.)

HRH Collection is also a YouTube channel that I watch, and underneath one of her videos she stated the following:

***FLASH OFFER ENDS 8.28.15 @ midnight Pacific time***
Im adding a new Braided Tattoo Bracelet to my line, ($22 value)! My tattoo pieces have been so popular, and because I love you all so much, I’m offering it for FREE with ANY purchase, one per customer💋No coupon code necessary!

I have the Metallic Coco with the classic silver chain and the black leather, although you can pick from the wide selection of colors and finishes.IMG_6062

Metallic Coco is inspired by classic Chanel handbags. These edgy little bracelets are modern and inspired takes on the well known and coveted classic. I designed them with thick chain in matte and gunmetal and black leather with hand painted metallic shine for a bit of shine! I love this design! Try layering them with the La Lumiere Nova, the Chain of Hearts Bracelet or the Luxe Spike Bracelet!

I love how heavy duty and good quality the entire bracelet is. The first few times I have tried to put the bracelet on without anyone’s help, I have had difficulty to the point of me needing to look in a mirror to see if I’m hooking on the lobster clasp correctly. It’s tight at first and that’s what makes it hard to put on by yourself. I’ve watched enough of her videos to know that she makes the bracelet slightly smaller than what you order because they do stretch over time and end up fitting you perfectly with wear.

This bracelet has definitely upped my arm candy game. I love layering it with the Tattoo bracelet.IMG_6063

The tattoo bracelet is supposed to be reminiscent of the flash tattoos that were all the rage this summer. They lay flat against the skin and are thin and delicate. Layering the pieces together makes me happy that I chose the silver instead of the gold chain because now I have a matching layering set. Of course these pieces can be worn alone and still look great.

Because each piece is handmade, this order took a total of 3 weeks. (Order Date: August 28 – Ship Date: September 14 – Received: September 18) As long as you expect it to come a little later than most packages, which I knew would happen, then it’s fine.

Photo taken from a Fall OOTD blog post:IMG_5761

Overall, I think it’s worth it because the jewelry is great quality and adds a little something to your outfit.

Have you tried HRH Collection? How do you like it?

20 thoughts on “HRH Collection | Metallic Coco + Tattoo Bracelet

  1. I have such a tough time trying to put on some of my braclets, especially in the mornings pre-coffee! Sometimes I just give up, thow it in my purse and ask my coworker to put it on for my when I get to the office lol.
    So nice you got this as a gift plus you got a freebie. 🙂 The tattoo bracelet is the perfect layering piece. I love wearing a few bracelets at once.


    • Arm candy party! I’ve just learned the bracelets that go together nicely without going crazy.

      Aw nice that you have good coworkers who help you! I am like determined to get that thing on. It’s getting easier and easier 🙂

      I love them both. I have yet to wear the tattoo bracelet on its own.

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