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Click here to see my PoshMark closet.

Let me tell you about my experience so far; it’s been less than a week. I picked PoshMark mainly because of the free shipping. Without that hassle I think it’s worth it, but they do take 20% of the sale.

I got hooked on uploading a handful of items because to me, it’s basically another form of social media. And I love me some social media. Once you log in, you’re already following a bunch of closets. I haven’t been on PoshMark for a full week, and already there are 100+ followers. This is due to the Instagram like feel of the app.

You can like listings, share them and comment on them:

Liking listings is fine but if you like too many and don’t but anything, what’s the point? I think if you’re a potential buyer, like it. If not, move on.

Sharing a listing is one of the nicest things you can do for another posher. Once they share it, their hundreds of followers see it, too. Sharing also is a function that the seller can use in PoshParties which I’ll talk about as well.

Commenting on a listing is another story. Some poshers will try to low-ball your price because they want to see if you are into negotiating. For example, I listed Burberry clog sandals which were originally in the range of $200-$250 and I’m selling it on PM for $50. Not bad, right? A posher comments and asks, “Would you do 25?” — You see what I mean?

Another comment I have gotten recently is this question to “Trade?” This means they want to do a deal completely outside of PM. They pick something from your closet and vice versa. The worst part about that deal is that there is no security. For instance, you could send your item to them and they don’t send theirs and then you have no one to blame but yourself. If you catch my drift, I don’t do trades.

Posh Parties:

Posh Parties are actually fun to go to because they are online shopping parties with themes. For example, some PPs are specifically targeting 4 or 5 brands, and you can only share listings that have those brands. It was convenient for me because I attended a Burberry PP and was able to share my listing because it went with the overall theme. It also makes items from those brands easier to find than if you were to search for them on your own. These are the active poshers who buy and sell items all the time.

Be Honest:

So far I have 4 items and am planning on listing 5 more. I just have to take pictures, take measurements, record sizes and if there is any wear to the item. That’s another thing — be Honest in your pictures and descriptions. No discrepancies. For example, if it has stains, show them and if it was barely used, state it. Last thing you want is a buyer complaining to PM saying you were dishonest in your description and wanting to return the item for a refund. Amirite?

I am very hopeful in selling via PoshMark, especially when it comes to selling authentic designer shoes, bags and clothing.

Do you have a PM closet? Do you sell on Vinted or Depop instead? 

4 thoughts on “PoshMark Experience | @styledwithjoy

  1. I’ve been wondering about this PoshMark business. I keep seeing results from the site when I google clothings / shoes / purses.

    Haha, about haggling. We listed a 37″ flat screen tv on Kijiji for $100. Nothing wrong with it except that we got a newer, bigger one. Loads of people trying to get it for $50. Finally this doctor wanted it for his office – we arranged to have him come over to pick it up – no show and doesn’t call / email. We relisted it for $200 – someone haggled with us and talked us “down” to $150. He came that day to pick it up 😀

    Re: trade. Yeah, that sounds SUPER sketchy and risky.
    Hmm now you got me very curious about this site. I just want to buy, not sell though lol. I’ve been looking for this Burberry tote for AGES!


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