OOTD | How to Dress up Sweatpants

My nephew had a walk to spread awareness for children who have lost their hair due to cancer. We all wore hats and most of us wore pink to show our support as well as walk in the park. This is the outfit I wore for a nice, very slow (toddlers have little legs) walk in the park. Did I mention I tripped and nearly fell backwards trying to block two little kiddies from leaving their classroom behind? Yea, that happened. But anyway…

Onto the outfit:


Jacket: Armani Exchange | Top: Express | Scarf: gift | Sunglasses: Coach | Hat: Armani Exchange | Sweatpants: Bebe Sport | Sneakers: Nike | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Knowing I would be walking in the park on a breezy fall day, I decided to wear sweatpants; I hate sweatpants. This is probably why I dressed up enough to make up for the sweatpants. We were told to wear a hat and wear pink so my outfit guidelines were already in place. Black hat, check. Pink top/scarf, check. Even the band on my sweatpants, something you probably cannot see, was hot pink as well. Can’t forget about my new blush pink bag that’s been making its rounds lately, also perfect that it’s pink! Comfy sneakers were a must and matched my outfit, and because it was extremely sunny, I needed the sunnies as well.

I was thinking of going for a completely black outfit, but then again, I needed a bit of a light neutral to lighten things up a bit. I didn’t want the pink to be too harsh on an all black palette. Also, the jacket allowed me not to overheat as I would have with a thin black jacket.

The day was lovely, and I got to meet my nephew’s friends. They had to walk in twos because they all had a walking buddy. How cute!

Be honest. What is your take on sweatpants?

16 thoughts on “OOTD | How to Dress up Sweatpants

  1. I just can’t do sweatpants out in public! I am weird that way – but these look cute on you, and I like the cap you’re sporting!
    That’s a good cause for the walk – little kids probably don’t understand cancer at all and wonder what happened to so-and-so’s hair.

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