My Haircut | From Long, Layered Hair to a Lob


I did it! I made sure my hair salon knew what I wanted by showing them a picture of a celebrity who had this lob. I really liked that this was different from a bob; I liked how the sharp angle on the side goes from short in the back to long in the front.

I was able to get my haircut and donate about 12Β inches to Locks of Love. I have donated to them once before, but I think that this is the most hair I ever donated! It’s listed that the minimum is 10 inches and has to be cut while in a ponytail. Once she cut it, my head felt lighter and I felt free. You then place the ponytail into a zip lock bag and into a padded envelope. I sent it out today and this is the result.IMG_6407

I had very long hair that, to me, was starting to look too long. I love long hair, so for me to think that was a big deal. I didn’t want it to be hippie long. I decided I needed a change and would like to do it after my birthday but before Fall ends.

I have been getting mixed reviews on how old this haircut makes me look. Some have said that because it’s shorter, I look even younger. But others have said that because of the angle of the lob, it makes me look older.

What do you lovely bloggers think?

40 thoughts on “My Haircut | From Long, Layered Hair to a Lob

  1. Also, good for you on donating your hair! Mine has never been long enough to. I looked at the photos again and I think the new cut makes you look youthful and fresh! 😁😎☺️


  2. I love it!!! I think it looks mature, but youthful at the same time. Just like Bree said, I think it is a sophisticated style. It doesn’t make you look older than you are, nor does it make you look like a child. It’s perfect!


  3. Oh my! Have I been gone for so long??
    I was shock to see the bob. That was pretty long. But as what stashy said, don’t mind them. Who are they kidding? You looked great here. Yes, youthful and fresh! To add up the cut just gave you sophistication.
    And I’m glad to know that you have given it for a cause. *highfive*

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