Life Hack | “How to Fix Zipper Stuck”


Thanks to LifeHacker, I’m not stuck in my leather jacket hyperventilating.

This morning as I was taking my jacket off, I noticed that the zipper was stuck. Just to be sure, I checked if it was my shirt that got caught in the zipper; It wasn’t. The zipper had separated right in the middle. Then, I only made it worse…

I literally separated the zipper from where it was stuck all the way down to the bottom and zipped up, causing the most uncomfortable leather cape around my body, sleeves on and everything. I really was trapped in my own jacket, as sad and ridiculous as that sounds.

Instead of panicking, which I was thinking of doing, I turned to my old friend, Google. I believe I hurriedly typed in the following words: “How to fix zipper stuck” (Obviously, correct grammar was not a main concern of mine at that moment.)


I read the article and I felt like it was talking directly to me. It even had a visual of what I was going through as well.

Here is how to fix this somewhat common zipper problem:

All you need is a pencil. Yes, a pencil! Simply drag the pencil onto the zipper as if you were writing on it and do this til you get to the very bottom, keeping the pencil close just in case. There were times the zipper would go down a few inches, get stuck, and I’d have to write on the zipper again. Luckily, this life hack worked wonderfully and I was out of my jacket within the 10 minutes of getting stuck, looking up a solution, and grabbing a pencil.

Has this silly zipper conundrum ever happened to you?

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