Manicure Monday: Pedal to the Metal Swatch

Don’t you just love the name of this nail polish? Pedal to the Metal (pearlescent electric purple) by Formula X is from my last nail blog post about Xpress Pod Gift Tags.

This is how to you prepare for application:

First, you must twist the cap to pop it open and roll the bristles between your fingers to prep the brush. Second, turn the pod upside down and press firmly until the polish fills the brush. Third, paint away! They suggest letting a drop of polish down onto the nail and painting from there. This is one time use pods and can covers all 10 nails with two coats each.

My thoughts:

I thought these were going to be great for travel due to its small size. Turns out I was wrong. This is the kind of nail polish that makes you appreciate your regular sized nail polishes. I’m currently trying to do 10 nails and I can’t even do 5 full nails. I’m getting too frustrated. In the second step of firmly pressing the brush, it’s no joke. You really have to pinch the heck out of the small hard plastic to get a single drop out. It’s literally hurting my fingers.

This could have possibly been better if it wasn’t such a firm plastic. My nails looks like a kindergartner painted them for me. The color is great so I’m sad that I can’t continue to paint my nails with this. I do want to use these up, mainly for nail art and never for covering an entire nail. I suppose I could rip the foil off from the bottom where it says the name of the polish, and I can dip my dotting tools in there for a one time use as well.

Actually I’m going to try this out with a dotting tool to see if it’s worth keeping for future nail art:


It seems to be fine if you don’t mind getting messy and poking a hole in the bottom with a safety pin. Turns out there is more plastic where the foil is. It’s settled; I will use these for nail art instead of entire manicures.

List of Products:
Butter London Nail Foundation Flawless Base Coat
Butter London Hardwear P.D. Quick Top Coat
Formula X Pedal to the Metal

What’s your favorite Formula X nail polish?

8 thoughts on “Manicure Monday: Pedal to the Metal Swatch

  1. Oh no, that stinks! Jeez, you’d think they would have done some testing before releasing a product like this. Ridiculous.

    I’ve never tried a Formula X (just some of the old Sephora by OPI) but am thinking of ordering one during the upcoming VIB sale 🙂


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