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stila kitten IG

Click here to see the full Instagram post.

On Instagram, I posted a picture of a before and after of my shattered Stila Kitten (shimmering nude pink.) I was not even planning a blog post on this, as I have already done a Makeup Hack on how to fix broken powders. This was just to show for fun! Then, my blogger friends pointed out to me that my Stila Kitten looked way too pink. It may have been the lighting because I did not use my white light and only used my iPhone to snap the photo. I was curious because the eye shadow pans my friends were tagging me in were in palettes and looked like they had more of a yellow gold tinge than mine did. Therefore, I decided to do a blog post on this and swatch both the single eye shadow pan versus the one I have in a Stila palette.


You can already tell the difference just by looking at the eye shadows in the different pans. Stila In the Light palette has Kitten on the top row, second shade while my fixed up shadow still looks like it’s more rose gold than yellow gold.

Here’s what we’ve all been waiting for – swatches:


It seems that they both look the same swatched, but the Kitten swatched from the palette applies lighter while the single Kitten is a shade or two more pigmented.

I assure you that when I apply these┬áto my eyelids, you’ll be able to tell that both are in fact Stila Kitten eyeshadows.

What kind of gold does your Stila Kitten pull more towards?

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