Fall Haul | Skincare + Wardrobe Essentials

Essentials are clothes and skincare that you should never be afraid to splurge on, amirite?IMG_6939

Uniqlo Faux Fur Room Shoes (White) | I needed to replace my fuzzy white slippers because I threw them in the wash and they came out with less rubber pieces than I remembered. Plus, my feet get cold in the house during the Fall/Winter months and these have kept me warm and feel so comfortable. Just know that Medium is the perfect size for a 6.5 – 7.5 size foot. I wish they had a size chart; I only knew what my perfect size was from the comment section. I got these on sale for less than ten bucks.

Crown Vintage Rho Combat Boot (Tan) | I have been searching for the perfect lace up, flat, fold-over flap, combat boot that doesn’t look too masculine, and this is it! I can literally wear this four different ways and I swear it looks different with each style. You can have all the flaps out (which is my favorite way to wear it.) You can have all the flaps up for an edgier look. You can have the tongue out or up against your leg. And last but not least, you can have the laces all the way up or half way with either style. It’s the casual boot I was hunting for and I got it for 25% off + a $10 off coupon from DSW.

J Crew Signature Leggings (Black) | My sisters rave about J Crew leggings and as a fan of leggings during the wintertime, especially when I want to wear boots, I felt I needed to have them in my life. They are thicker than most leggings due its great quality. There was an extra 25% off sale + free shipping and I have never seen the leggings in the sale section before. It was very rare and I’m glad I was able to see it since it is known as a staple that hardly goes on sale to begin with.IMG_6940Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturizer |  I know it is transition time for most people’s skin care routines. The main thing that changes for me throughout the seasons is my moisturizer. Even though I have terrible oily skin, I still need a thicker moisturizer during the colder months because even oily skin gets *less oily.* I still use my HG Clinique moisturizer during the day and I use this Simple rich moisturizer at nighttime to really lock in the moisture while I’m sleeping. I have actually purchased this because of so many great recommendations on the blogosphere to try this out. I love it as much as everyone else does! It’s perfect for the transitioning time of year into colder months for sure. I was lucky to find this at TJ Maxx for $4.99 (original $8.00.)IMG_6932Clinique Moisture Surge Intense – Skin Fortifying Hydrator (Very dry to dry combination) | Now this purchase was for three reasons:
1. I use this moisturizer up during the winter months because it saves my skin from becoming flaky yet oily (big ol’ mess.)
2. GWP time (Look at that bonus bag + Perfume + Lip gloss)
3. I always wanted to try the Dramatically Different Lotion + because I would like to see if it would fit my skin type.

Here’s what’s inside the Clinique Bonus Cosmetics Bag:

-Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +

-Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

-Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

-Limited Edition All About Shadow Palette (24 royal Couple, 32 rock violet, concord, pearly pink, 06 pink chocolate)

-High Impact Mascara

-Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick (Plum)

Also came with extra goodies:

Clinique Happy

Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss (Raspberry)


Marc New York by Andrew Marc Eva Down Coat (Olive) | Another essential I needed for winter was a long down coat. I’m known as a peacoat girl, but now I am moving on from them because don’t get me wrong, they are pretty, but they do not provide the warmth I need! Now when I look for a coat, I look for three basic things:
1. Good Shape
2. Pockets
3. Hood
And I found all of those with this Olive jacket. I’m also happy that it isn’t a typical black or gray jacket. I like that it had more personality because during the winter time, most people only get to see your jacket and not your entire outfit. I know it’s still a calm color since it looks greyish in some light, but this is perfect for me at this time! I got this on sale for $79.99 (original around $180)

Now that was a haul!

What fall/winter essentials are you still hunting for?

27 thoughts on “Fall Haul | Skincare + Wardrobe Essentials

  1. LOVE those boots! I’m desperately seeking boots for upcoming winter – we’ve been lucky that it’s been so unseasonably mild but I will need boots soon.
    Nice jacket too! My SO hates puffy coats and I’ve just started to dabble in one of those short down-filled jackets that can be stuffed into a little pack (good for travelling) BUT, I do find that nylon jackets make my hair SUPER static-y. It’s annoying.
    Bonus time is the ONLY time that anyone should ever shop at Clinique, lol. That Moisture Surge is EVERYTHING – so good, and in fact, I was introduced to it through a gwp sample! So those samples do WORK to get people to try new things and fall in love with them… 😛 I’d love to hear more about the Moisture Surge Overnight Mask!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m very much in love with my new boots. They are everything I wanted in one casual boot!

      Thank you! I’ve moved on from peacoats. Screw pretty. I wanna be warm!

      Preach. Clinique gwp is crazy. Like why would you ever shop there otherwise? Btw because you like the dramatically different lotion + I was always very curious about it! So happy I can try it soon (when it gets colder/drier)

      Sure! I’ll let you know how the Moisture Surge Overnight Mask works out for me or I’ll try to do a review.


    • Yes! I ordered these online and studied and stalked the reviews til I could make a decision on what size to get since DSW is far from me and the sale was ending soon. Luckily they fit and I guess they are true to size. I really love my new boots! Lmk if you end up getting them!


  2. Nice haul! I’ve had my long down jacket from North Face forever and am thinking of getting something new. I just don’t know what yet, but it has to be super warm because it gets SO COLD here.


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