Fall Makeup Series | Rosy Cheeks


Here’s the rest of my Fall Makeup Series: Bold Lip | Two Toned Smokey Eye

Rosy cheeks make you look naturally flushed because of the cooler temps. Simply tap the rosy colored blush, or go as dark as you’d like. Just make sure to apply to the apples of the cheeks and blend upwards towards the hairline to achieve the desired look.

I used all powder products except for my liquid concealer underneath my eyes. Because the focus is mainly on the cheeks and it’s rarely ever on the cheeks, it was interesting for me to tone down the eyes and lips.

For the eyes, I applied a matte brown in my crease and followed up with a shimmery nude pink on the lids, curled my lashes and applied mascara. I reached for a more subtle brow pencil and blended it out.

As for lips, I opted for a soft pink matte lip cream, so the star really was the rosy cheeks.

This is a different look for me and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did wearing it!

Would you try out this rosy cheeks trend?

11 thoughts on “Fall Makeup Series | Rosy Cheeks

  1. I like to do this when it’s more winter-y out, and I’m paler, it looks like I went skiing and just came in for hot chocolate. lol. My favourite punchy colour is MAC Bite of an Apple (LE) which a RED.


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