TONYMOLY Moisturizing Face Mask Review


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TONYMOLY Moisturizing Face Mask is a drenched sheet mask that has openings for your eyes, nose and mouth. The directions say to cleanse your skin, and then, place the mask on your face and leave it for 20-30 minutes. I found this to be the most drenched of the ones I have tried. The essence was dripping from the mask and there was still some left over inside the packaging.

Before Mask:

I made sure to examine my skin after cleansing my face. My main concern was that I saw texture on my cheek area; I was not sure if it was due to blemishes or dryness. My skin was also peeling in areas around my mouth. This skin moisturizing mask claims that the “Aloe mask hydrates dry skin.” 

IMG_7025After Mask:

What surprised me most was that I did not feel as relaxed while using this mask because I felt like it was too cold on my face, making me uncomfortable. I should have tried this in the summer, but then again, my skin would definitely not be dry in the summertime. This mask had a pleasant, subtle scent. When it was time to remove the mask, I made sure to massage the remaining essence gently all over my face and down my neck. I went to bed with a cooling feeling on my face.

My glowing skin looked plump, healthy and hydrated. The texture on my cheek was still there but decreased significantly, and my peeling skin was nowhere to be found.


No – Even though it worked a little bit to my advantage, my oily skin may not need this kind of treatment again. I have a million Clinique moisturizers that will help me do that every night. I also am bothered by the fact that I think of face masks as a treat once every two weeks or so, and this one did not relax me at all. I felt more relaxed taking it off because it felt a lot warmer and comfortable when I just had to massage the essence into the skin.

Thank you for reading – Let me know your experience with TONYMOLY face masks, and don’t forget to read reviews of the other two masks found in the links above! Three down, one to go.

What is your favorite face mask? What does it do for your skin?

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