Travel Essentials Series | Makeup

IMG_7108My biggest tip when packing your makeup is to always shop your sample stash, and I know all of us have one! Now is the time to whip them out. They’ll finally be useful and you get to use it up completely. Below you’ll see which items are samples or deluxe samples. I tried as much as possible not to bring full size products. Another tip is to think of simple, wearable daytime to nighttime looks. You also have to think of products that can be mixed and matched and not break out your skin. Not only that, make sure the eye shadows + lipstick choices actually look good together.

Eyes: ABH Brow Powder (sample) | Urban Decay Primer Potions (sample) | Naked Basics Palette | Urban Decay Underground Eyeliner | ABH Brow Wiz | Maybelline The Colossal Volum’Express Mascara

I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to bring the UDPP samples because at home, I’m trying to use up my Benefit Stay Don’t Stray. The Naked Basics palette is literally the only shadow I could want/need on a vacation. Mostly matte, neutral shades are ideal for both daytime and nighttime. It’s seriously the best travel eye shadow palette out there.

Lips: Revlon Lip Butter Raspberry Pie | Rimmel Kasbah
Perfume: Honey Marc Jacobs (sample)

For lips, I decided to bring only two lipsticks from my Fall Favorite Lipstick Shades. One is for a more natural lip and the other is for a more dramatic lip. For days when I wear no makeup, a shiny lip balm is my third option.

I’m ready to finish up this perfume sample, it’s been ages and I only have a tiny bit left. C’mon, empties!


Face: Hourglass Primer | Chanel Foundation | Collection Concealer | Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer | NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer (samples) | Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Air Brush Foundation | Jouer Sunswept Bronzer | Jouer Blossom Blush

Lately, my face has been needing a great primer so I opted for my favorite in a deluxe sample size. I actually have a combination of ways I can do my face makeup:

-tinted moisturizer
-liquid foundation
-full coverage powder
-concealer only

But I can also use the full coverage powder to set my makeup which makes it have another purpose. Samples of tinted moisturizer are great because I already tried it and have had no bad reactions to the formula. I decided to bring my Jouer compacts that connect for my blush/bronzer.

How do you pack your makeup? Do you pack any makeup at all?

24 thoughts on “Travel Essentials Series | Makeup

  1. Your cosmetic pouch is too cute!
    I too, bring gwp samples whenever possible. Or, I do decant from a full size into travel bottles – I’m not one to risk my skin trying brand new things on a trip.
    As for makeup, I go low key. At most I will bring an eye shadow quad, and at the extreme end, I’ll bring just ONE eye shadow single – I just use my face powder as the transition shade to blend the edges. I don’t bronze so I just bring one blush, then liner, mascara.

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    • Thank you! It’s just way more convenient to bring along samples and deluxe samples. I only try one new thing in my makeup routine. I’ve been wearing minimal natural makeup. Unless it’s a berry lip which is what I’ll do today for Thanksgiving.

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  2. Definitely always bring samples it makes like so much easier! I wish all my skincare came in sample sizes, instead to having to buy the little mini bottles and fill them.


  3. I tend to bring perfume samples, but not for other things – unless it’s a deluxe size GWP sample. I dunno why! And I also like to bring things I don’t care about losing or breaking. No discontinued HG lipsticks are coming with me on my travels, LOL!

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