Travel Essentials Series | Clothes



Quick post on how I pack my clothes because I am literally packing my clothes as I type this! How exciting!

Let’s get started: My biggest tip for packing is rolling your clothes instead of folding them — this is a true space saver and aids in being wrinkle free.

Pack a bag for wet bathing suits/dirty clothes.

Pack less pajamas. (wearing pajamas a second time so you don’t have to pack for each night)

+ Jeans and leggings (in different colors)

Pack clothes that can be easily layered together and styled easily together.

Pack a bag for shoes.

I packed solid colored, lacy, and striped tops for the week. I added four cardigans in different colors and textures along with a tweed vest that I love. (great layering piece) I also packed three different colors/textures in leggings as I will be wearing the jeans on the road trip. I also packed sneakers in case we decide to hit the gym. Ha! Ha!

As for bathing suits, I packed them all! I could not decide and I had enough space to pack them all including cover ups which are basically pretty and long tee shirts.


Of course, I am bringing my Rebecca Minkoff bag as it is my favorite bag in the whole wide world. Cross body, pretty, and easy peasy.

Do you roll your clothes when you pack? Any other tips for me?


10 thoughts on “Travel Essentials Series | Clothes

  1. I roll my clothes as well, it just makes packing so much easier. I always have two make-up bags, one for liquids and this one goes into a large ziplock bag in case of leakage, because there is nothing worse than opening your suitcase to find your facial cleanser has leaked into all of your clean clothes.

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