Manicure Monday: Wild Mink Swatch


This color is perfect for professional settings because it is the kind of pink that is bold enough but not too bright. It’s the perfect pink to use to look polished.

I used a base coat, two coats of Wild Mink, and a top coat. This is the longest my nails have been in a really long time.

Do you prefer long nails or short nails? What’s your favorite China Glaze nail polish?

12 thoughts on “Manicure Monday: Wild Mink Swatch

  1. yeah I was going to say, your nails look super long! Mine were getting really long because I had the gel polish on for the past 10 days but it was starting to bug me so much (I couldn’t even put my finger into a pot of lip balm). I love the look of CG Wild Mink and I actually owned it up until Sept of this year when I purged it! It’s the one on the right here:

    I own SOOOO many similar shades, I just had to pick one to not keep! I’m not saying that I wouldn’t REpurchase it one of these days hehe.


    • I eventually cut them back to it’s short shape because it started getting annoying to open things without being such a girl saying, “Can you open this? I might break a nail.” Too dramatic for me lol


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