First Impression | Cover FX Calming Primer Base


I’ve never done a first impression before! But because I’m in the market for a new face primer, I decided to do one on a deluxe sample that I have of Cover FX primer.

I used this because I am running out of my beloved Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer. Because I remember how expensive it is, I decided to see if any other primers do the job just as well. I am looking for a primer that makes my makeup last longer and keeps my oily self oil free for a couple of hours.

I found that this calming base primer was nice because it’s great for sensitive skin. It’s meant to reduce redness/Rosacea but I don’t have either. I get redness but the time I tried this out, I didn’t have any. So I can’t vouch for if that claim is true.


My makeup lasted about 3-4 hours but at the 2 hour mark, my skin was already quite shiny. Don’t even bother with hour 3 and 4. I blotted my oil and have never seen an oil sheet so see-through before. TMI?

This may be great for those with redness and normal skin. I think I will try to use up this sample to see if I change my mind, especially because this is a first impression. I’ve read reviews and have seen that people love this stuff.

Purchase? As for right now, I’d skip purchasing this primer and search for a different one that can keep my oil at bay.

I need some recommendations. Besides Hourglass, what is your favorite face primer? 

6 thoughts on “First Impression | Cover FX Calming Primer Base

  1. Try Maybelline pore eraser primer. Works like a gem and doesn’t leave my face oily. Also blurs out pores and makes your skin look soft and flawless


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