Skincare Review | Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

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Price: $46 for 1.0 fl oz.

Packaging: blue glass bottle with gold text that has a dropper to pick up product

Formula: face oil

My thoughts

When I first got this, I didn’t think anything of it. I used it and didn’t favor it. Then, after coming home late from a night of dancing, I immediately knew my skin would be affected. That night I was extremely sleepy and lazy to say the least. So after removing my makeup, I didn’t want to go through my thorough skincare routine, and I slapped a few drops of this onto my face. Come morning, I woke up with no blemishes and a radiant complexion. It looked as if I had 8 hours of sleep and drank all 8 glasses of water the day before. That’s when I knew this was a miracle in a bottle.


Yes – I would never use this everyday since I have my own skincare routine outside of the product. But for nights when I am too tired to put on a number of products, I would use this as a temporary skincare routine replacement in a heartbeat.

What do you think of Kiehls? Have you tried their Midnight Recovery Concentrate line?

9 thoughts on “Skincare Review | Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

  1. I had this but I found it to be just nice. I wasn’t sure if it was doing anything for my skin – good or bad. I would sometimes put it on and convince myself my skin looked more radiant the next morning but I wasn’t completely sure… my bottle went bad after about 3 years and I was about 2/3 through.
    I do use the Midnight Recovery eye cream and I love it! It gives great hydration without greasy feeling and it doesn’t cause milia. I use it for day time though, not night. 🙂

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    • Maybe your skin is already in great condition and doesn’t need anymore radiance! Lucky gal.

      I want to try that! I do want to go back to my Kiehls avocado eye treatment because I think that’s my favorite eye cream. But since you’re mentioning the Midnight one, I may have to try that first 🙂


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