TONYMOLY Rice Mask Sheet Clear Skin Review


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TONYMOLY Rice Mask is a drenched sheet mask that has openings for your eyes, nose and mouth. The directions say to cleanse your skin, and then, place the mask on your face and leave it for 20-30 minutes.

Before Mask:

I made sure to examine my skin after cleansing my face. My main concern was the two blemishes on my cheek. This clear skin rice mask claims it “transforms dull skin to look clear and radiant.” 

After Mask:

I was very relaxed with this face mask. I love how they are suited for even sensitive skin. This mask had a pleasant, subtle scent. When it was time to remove the mask, I made sure to massage the remaining essence gently all over my face and down my neck.

My blemishes did not disappear, but they decreased a bit in size pretty instantly, which is amazing. My skin was glowing and looked very healthy and hydrated.


Yes – I found that it decreased my blemishes without making the rest of my face irritated. It was gentle and relaxing. I found it very effective for only 20-30 minutes on the face. Although, I notice that my glowing, hydrated skin look is only temporary. It’s best for a night you want to pamper yourself.

Reviews of various TONYMOLY face masks are linked up above. I finished 4/4!

What is your favorite face mask? What does it do for your skin?

6 thoughts on “TONYMOLY Rice Mask Sheet Clear Skin Review

  1. Glad you noticed a difference after using this mask!
    I received 2 of Tony Moly’s sheet masks in a giveaway – the Moisturizing Aloe mask and the Skin Purifying Makgeoll mask. I see that you had the Moisturizing Aloe one too! 😀

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