Q&A a Day | 5 Year Journal


I received this Q&A a Day: 5 Year Journal in 2013, and I’ve been writing in it daily ever since.

When you receive this as a gift, it’s the kind of book where you’ll either use it daily or never open it. I’m so glad that I decided to use it because I now have little memories and questions that I have answered over and over again. Even though the 365 questions repeat every year, you get to see either how much you’ve changed your opinion on a subject or how little you change at all.

Because I have used this journal for 2+ years, going on 3 years, I try to look at my past answers when I’ve already answered the present question. I don’t want to copy my answer from a year or two ago because that would be boring to look at later. I find it more interesting when I have the same word for word answer as the previous year.

3 Types of Questions the 5 Year Journal Asks

Life: Write down something that inspired you today. Where do you want to travel next? Do you need a break/From what?

People/Love: Can people change?  Do you owe someone money/Does someone owe you? Who do you live with?

Everyday, mundane things: What are you reading right now? The best part of today? Today you lost _____.

Those are just a handful of examples of questions you get to answer everyday.

A lot can change in a year, let alone 5 years. You’ll see how you progress in writing and expressing your feelings, your ideas, and if you change all the time, never, or are somewhere in between. I think this is a great gift to give to someone or a rewarding gift to give to yourself.

Do you write in a journal?

16 thoughts on “Q&A a Day | 5 Year Journal

  1. What a neat journal! I bought one similar to that a few years ago and I neglected it. I’m glad you kept this up for the past 3 years! When I was younger, I also had an online journal – it was full of angst and drama lol.

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  2. I had actually won this from a blog giveaway last year and it’s great! Unfortunately I skipped a few days, but I’m trying to make more of an effort to write in it since it only takes a minute or two out of my day.

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