Review | Shiseido Cotton


The packaging is nothing special, just the plastic bag that surrounds the best cotton ever. The price is $9.50.


This exclusive Facial Cotton is 100% natural and uniquely manufactured for a consistent soft, smooth texture. Allows for maximum absorption and assists in the application of Shiseido softeners.

My thoughts

I never thought much of cotton until I tried Shiseido Cotton. The only way I can describe them? Cotton as soft as pillows! They are rectangular, flat, and perfect for any liquid skincare or makeup removers. The cotton is so strong it never breaks up due to liquids. There are no cotton pieces left on your fingers or face. The cotton is high quality and has layers, making it strong and soft at the same time. It’s expensive, but it’s worth it! I’m not sure how I’m ever going to apply micellar water and makeup removers to my skin without this luxury cotton!

What do you think of Shiseido Cotton?

10 thoughts on “Review | Shiseido Cotton

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