January Favorites | 2016


I think because I am forced to use the 10 products for Project Focus 10, I don’t see them as true favorites yet. Therefore, I have two accessories, a scent, and makeup product.



Jouer Bronzer – Color: Sunswept – Review – I love my Sunny bronzer, especially during the warmer months, but I don’t know? Something about Sunswept in the wintertime makes me love it even more. Maybe it looks more natural for my skintone during a time when the sun is never out!

Jo Malone Peony & Blush SuedePerfume Collection – This scent has grown on me since day 1. I thought it was an interesting scent and name. Then I got to wearing it almost everyday and this month was no exception. I think it smells great for a Fall/Winter scent because it’s deeper than just being an overly girly scent.


Black Gloves – These finger-less gloves are everything to me this winter. I find them not only useful, but chic as hell! First of all, I don’t have trouble texting, opening a door knob, etc. Second of all, it’s a fashion statement and keeps me warm. What more could I ask for?

HRH Collection Metallic CocoReview – The weight on this bracelet reminds me of its high quality. It feels great and looks great. I think it edges up any overly girly outfit or really stands out when I wear an all black outfit. It’s a statement piece and I am so happy I have it in my collection. I will always love the leather and chain combination.


These are the favorites I had for the month of January. Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed my Favorites post. Have you tried any of my favorites? What did you think of them?

10 thoughts on “January Favorites | 2016

  1. No one is FORCING you to use the PF10 products! 😉 I’ve been making an EFFORT but gah… so difficult to stay focused. 😛 Jouer is still on my to-try list! Damn that Canadian dollar exchange. Have a good weekend, Joy! 🙂

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