Nail Polish Holder/Storage


Acrylic 5 Step Counter Display Nail Polish Organizer holds up to 60 bottles.

This was a thoughtful gift as I have all my nail polishes tossed about into several boxes and storage, or honestly, just floating around. I feel that this will help me pick and choose the nail polishes I actually use while keeping me at a minimum of 60 bottles. Wish me luck!

Above is a picture of the nail polish bottles I have purged from my collection.

Look at this beaut:


How do you organize your nail polish collection?

22 thoughts on “Nail Polish Holder/Storage

  1. This display looks awesome! I love how it can accommodate so many different bottle sizes / shapes. I own several acrylic nail polish racks but they’re all in storage because I have no SPACE to display my polishes. For now, I house all my polishes in plastic bins like this:

    This keeps them airtight and I separate them by colour family so it’s quicker for me to find a shade I want to use. 🙂

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  2. Nice! I don’t really have enough to organize, I just throw them in a box with all my other nail things. I love seeing people’s polishes and lip products in storage like this though, it makes a nice display!

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  3. Your new storage is so beautiful (and neat)! I keep my favorite polishes and any I want to remember to use soon in a small basket on my dresser than holds maybe 15 polishes. I keep the rest stored away in a train case. I try to remember to go into the train case and swap out some polishes every so often, but I end up doing it pretty rarely.

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