What I Won from a Giveaway!


StashMatters hosted a generous giveaway, I entered and I was one of the winners!

I actually had a very nice Monday, and the cherry on top was that it ended with a package sent to my house from Canada. I excitedly opened the gift and found all kinds of goodies inside. I first read the sweet card, that had pictures of statement necklaces all over the front, and was so happy with even the card alone.


Then, I dove into the makeup and skincare. I put MAC Uninterrupted and MAC Cubic blush into my Uni palette. Luckily, I had finished up my Maybelline Dream Matte and had room to spare for two additions. I’m so excited to use the beauty cloth and quo sponge due to rave reviews on her blog. I love anything Kiehls and have never tried their midnight recovery eye cream before, but I knew I already loved their MRC. Last but not least, I also got an orangey toned lipstick from the brand Shiseido. I have nothing from their brand, but I know about it because of my mommy.


In the card, she had mentioned that she put extras, but I had no idea how thoughtful those “extras” were going to be. Candy! Yes, please! The extras included a micellar water only found in Canada, and I thought that was so nice that she remembered I was looking for a new micellar water to try. I picked out the necklace that has bows pearls and charms on it. There is a face mask for cleansing pores. And my favorite, discontinued SPF from Clarins was included as well!

THANK YOU STASHMATTERS! This definitely made my day!

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7 thoughts on “What I Won from a Giveaway!

  1. Yay!!! So happy this arrived to you safe and sound!
    And I hope you like everything, especially the Shiseido lipstick, the Salux cloth, and the micellar water… and well, everything else too! ❤ 😀


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