Week of Marstè Fashion

I’m so excited I had the pleasure of meeting Marlena Stell, also known as Makeup Geek, at her pop-up shop in NYC. Her clothing line is called Marstè, a cute combination of her first and last name. I have been a fan of hers for years and learned how to do makeup watching her YouTube videos.

You would not believe how pleasantly surprised I was while admiring the display of Makeup Geek eyeshadow palettes, to hear her say, “Hi! Thanks for coming!” Shocked that she was there, she told me that she loves to surprise people! We talked and hugged – Needless to say it was a major fan-girl moment for me; she was down to earth and very welcoming.

The palettes were exclusive to the NYC pop-up shop so I wanted to pick one up. I chose Passion, which has MUG classic colors such as Frappe and Cosmopolitan.

The stylists let me know that Marlena designed the palettes to complement the colors in the clothing line. Since I bought plums and blushes, Passion was a no-brainer.

The line currently has sizes from Size 0 to Size 22, which is pretty awesome. It’s rare to see a clothing line catering to all women with a wide range of sizes. The clothes are flattering with great quality material. The color palette consists of black, white, emerald, blush, plum, olive and maroon, making it easy for mixing and matching as well as color-blocking. I’ll show you different ways to style Marstè pieces.

Marstè plum high-waisted skirt paired with an orange crop top and rose gold accessories

Threw loafers, shades and a jacket on with the same outfit for a different vibe

Marstè leggings are comfortable and have a thicker material

Shoutout to my petite ladies that can never find the perfect length of leggings

Marstè Mesh Jersey in blush tied and worn off the shoulder over a body-con dress

This versatile top can be dressed up or down depending on the accessories and how it’s worn. I have even worn this outfit with sneakers for an athleisure look. It is a jersey after all!

Can we all take a moment to admire this beautiful Marstè Milan Snap Skirt?

…And you can unbutton the skirt as high as you want!

I highly encourage wearing this skirt multiple ways: buttons on the side, buttons in the front, buttoned halfway, or buttoned all the way – depending on your mood

The skirt has a great quality material and will keep me warm in the cooler months

The Marstè stylists helped me pick out gorgeous pieces. I highly recommend checking out the Marstè fashion line. What was your favorite piece?

6 thoughts on “Week of Marstè Fashion

  1. Wow, so cool that you met Marlena at the store! I’ve watched her beauty video for years. It’s so incredible how her makeup brand has grown, and now she’s expanded into fashion!
    So neat that you picked up the exclusive palette – you’ll always have a souvenir of that encounter with her!
    I LOVE that Milan Snap Skirt! It’s so flattering on you and can be worn different ways too.

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    • I was so excited to meet her by chance! She’s awesome in person too. My sister and I decided to go to the Pop Up shop together. So fun. I’m wearing the eyeshadows in that Passion palette since it’s good for Fall. I used to be scared of reds but I’m incorporating them more into my makeup looks. And thank you! I love the snap skirt! That and the mesh jersey are my favorites. Thanks for reading girl! 😘


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