3 Things I’ve Learned from My Makeup No Buy

I went on a makeup no buy the time I started this blog, which was towards the end of January 2015. I decided to keep this no buy going until I reached December 2015, and here we are. Everyone who knows me, knows how much I love makeup; therefore, I was told I was crazy to even attempt this makeup ban. I’ve learned a couple of things along the way:

-Because I couldn’t buy makeup, I focused on skincare more. My skin is in much better shape than it was last year, and I’m really happy about it. I have oily-sensitive-acne-prone skin, so you can imagine how hard it is to maintain a clear complexion.

I no longer need to go outside with makeup on. Before – I used to need makeup on my face to go anywhere, whether it was a big event, hanging out with friends or just a grocery store, which is a little ridiculous if you’re wearing makeup for the wrong reasons. I needed it for cover up of blemishes. If you love wearing makeup all the time, that’s fine too, but I found that because I focused on skincare, using less makeup or none at all was even better for healing my skin overall. It’s also a confidence booster knowing I can go outside without a drop of makeup on and still feel great.

Sometimes the hype of the product is what gets you to buy it. I have had to shield my eyes from Sephora sales and the newest lines of makeup, but I realized that you really should only get what you really need or run out of. I am striving to be as minimal as possible when it comes to makeup purchases from now on, especially because I am trying to use up the products already in my stash; it’s an ongoing process.

With that said, I still love makeup!

What do you think of makeup no-buys? Are they crazy? Are they necessary?

Makeup Wishlist 2015

Because I am on a Makeup No Buy til December 2015, I would like to have a wishlist handy for myself.

*I will update this post throughout the year. Last update: May 3, 2015. Continue reading

Jan. 2015-Dec. 2015: Makeup No Buy & Hitting Pan


For those of you that don’t know, in the makeup world, the saying “hitting pan” means that a makeup lover has used so much of a makeup product (eye shadows, powders, blushes, etc.) that they can literally see the pan at the bottom. The powder, for instance, has been used so much that the hole allows you to see the pan in which that powder is held. Does that makes sense? Now that we have that out of the way… Continue reading