How I Store My Necklaces: Shadow Box


I used to store my necklaces all over the place… in a jewelry box, hanging off a jewelry holder, etc. I never knew what jewelry, or I should say necklaces, I had because I never got to see them all at once. I got the idea to make my own necklace holder and was ready to think of how to do the DIY project.

Luckily, I was shopping at TJ Maxx and stumbled upon this shadow box; it was perfect. The price was right. I didn’t have to do my DIY project anymore because it was worth it to just purchase this. I loved the way it looked and imagined how it would look in my room. It came with its own pins, about 20 or so. They were long pins with a white bead at the end that resembles a pearl A.K.A. long white pearlized pins. The shadow box seemed to have a cork board material behind the soft cloth-like material shown.

I understand that shadow boxes have several ways to be used. One of these ways is a military shadow box where a family receives their relative’s belongings, including awards and medals in their military career. I have also seen others use shadow boxes to display a common theme in the box, such as collections of various objects. In addition, one of the most common ways to use a shadow box is to hang up pictures of family and friends.


I just thought this was the most useful way for me to use this shadow box. I am all about something that keeps me organized while being pretty to look at, and all of my necklaces are stored here. It opens with ease. With heavier statement necklaces, I have had no problems with just doubling up the pins. There is room at the bottom on the ledge of the box for the longer necklaces which is convenient. I get to see all my necklaces laid out, and it makes it quick and fun to pick the one I want to wear that day. Also, seeing the different lengths of similar looking necklaces allows me to properly layer necklaces, something that I would have never thought to do before I had the shadow box.

Unfortunately, there will be no link today. I can say that this item was purchased at TJ Maxx for around $16.99-$17.99.

28 thoughts on “How I Store My Necklaces: Shadow Box

  1. This is such a great idea because it is decorative and organizational! I’ve always wanted to do this, but never got around to it – next time I organize my closet! 🙂


  2. What a great way to store necklaces. I’ve always just kept them in little compartments in my wardrobe and though it’s good, I do have quite a few necklaces and they can get pretty tangles. Annoying!


  3. This is a cool storage and display for your jewellery. Those shadow boxes are great for multi purposes and one, it being a jewellery storage/display for all your pretty pieces 🙂

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