Makeup Review: Benefit’s “That Gal” Primer


I hear rave reviews about Benefit’s “That Gal” primer all the time. I always have little samples of it whenever you buy any Benefit makeup kit along with a Bene-tint. Primer was something that was not high on my priority list when it came to doing my makeup, not unless there was a special event, of course.

The packaging is cute and colorful. Of course it is, it’s Benefit! Keep in mind I am only judging by the two sample sizes I have. On the back, it has a skyline, grass, and clouds. “That Gal” claims to be a brightening face primer.


Here are my thoughts…

I have been using this primer on and off for years. I think that every time I use it, I am not wow’ed nor am I upset about what it does. I guess that is why I keep trying it out to see if my opinion has changed since the previous time I’ve used it.

It does not irritate my skin. It does not necessarily brighten my face. Its pink tint is supposed to help, but the color barely shows up on my skin. I think that is good and bad. Good because I don’t want to look like I have pink skin. Bad because — wasn’t the whole point of this primer supposed to be brightening?


I use this after waiting 5-10 minutes for my moisturizer to dry. Then I apply this primer. On top, I put my liquid foundation and concealer. I do not notice a huge difference in the way my makeup applies. If anything this just feels like an extra step in my routine. I also feel I don’t need this because it doesn’t make my makeup last or fade in any way.  Therefore, I would not purchase this product because I don’t love it and I don’t hate it. It is truly down the middle for me, leaning more towards I can do without it.

Have you tried this primer? What are your thoughts on it?

32 thoughts on “Makeup Review: Benefit’s “That Gal” Primer

  1. I don’t understand why cosmetics companies always think brightening = pink? It clashes with my under tone and I’d rather have dull skin than a pink unmatched face!
    Thanks for this review, now I know to stay away from this one.


    • No problem, girl! πŸ™‚ Pink is pretty, not as my skin-tone. I never understood that as well. I never bought this product. Luckily, I tried it through many samples. I am done trying this one.


  2. I’ve never tried it even though I’ve gotten samples in the past because my skin was more oily back then and I didn’t think I needed any more ‘glow’! But good to know it’s nothing special.


  3. Haha you’ve done up a review for this in the end! πŸ˜€
    To be honest I started out using primers as “skincare” underneath my BB creams to protect my pores, because there were people saying how BB Creams clogged up their pores and how primers act as a layer between your pores and makeup. But now primers are important to me in keeping my makeup on my face for longer too. Anyway I digressed – “That Gal” does neither “skincare” nor helps my make up stay longer so this product does nothing for me as well. I’m probably most unimpressed with this in the entire Benefit makeup range lol


    • Yes! The idea to do this post came up when I was talking to you about it. Interesting how primers are seen as skincare. I always thought of it strictly as makeup. It’s true about BB creams. I had to stop using them bc they aren’t oil free, even though they looked exactly like my skin! 😦 it was hard to let go.

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  4. It really depends on your natural skin tone, for mine, which is super pale, with a pink undertone for instance, this product is great and it really adds a something. Anytime I wear it people tell me that I look ‘better’. It’s weird how they proposed a unique formula for anybody, as if even olived-skinned people could get advances from something that works on pale or rather pinkish complexions…


    • I do remember reading your review when you were using this product and how much you liked it! It’s not meant for everybody. People with pink undertones should definitely give this primer a shot. I agree.


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