Body Care Review: Drugstore Cocoa Butter Lotion


The packaging is a (13.5 fl oz. or 400 ml) tall bottle with a pump that locks. The price is $8.00 but may vary by location. The formula is a lotion made of Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Alpha/Beta Hydroxy Acids.

My thoughts

I think that this product does what it says; It really locks in moisture for your skin while sloughing off dead skin cells. The only thing that could be a deal breaker for some depends on the scents you like. This is an overpowering scent of cocoa butter, that I end up smelling like cookies. But who doesn’t like cookies? I tend to use this at nighttime because during the day time, I like to spritz some perfume on and I wouldn’t want the scents to fight and/or mix. The lotion is not sticky or greasy, and I like that it sinks quickly into the skin. I do notice a difference in the softness of my skin and will continue to use this up.

Repurchase? Yes, I would repurchase. This is a great price for the amount you get and it lasts a really long time. It’s a very moisturizing lotion that leaves the skin feeling very soft.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula

Have you tried this cocoa butter lotion? Let me know what you think of it!

26 thoughts on “Body Care Review: Drugstore Cocoa Butter Lotion

  1. I like how Palmer’s just went straight ahead and said “ashy skin” on the bottle. No point sugar-coating it. lol. We’re the same. I can’t use the cocoa butter- or vanilla-scented lotions for the daytime.

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    • I know! I don’t think I have “ashy skin.” But I did buy this because I knew my acne meds at the time would totally dry out my skin, even on my body. SO I guess they got me with that advertisement LOL


  2. I’m in the minority then. I got the Vaseline intensive Care in Cocoa Butter scent and it was way too strong and overpowered my perfume. I typically stick to fragrance free (or light scents) for body lotion. I’ve never tried Palmers – I always associate that brand with pregnant women stretch mark cream, haha.
    Question: you said you mainly use this at night time – do you shower at night instead of morning, or you shower twice? I find it interesting because I had debates with friends about their shower habits. lol


    • I understand if the scent is too strong which is probably why I use it at nighttime. YES! They always advertise preggos with stretch marks!

      Interesting question. I shower mainly in the daytime. I never shower twice in one day. That is way too drying! I put it on at night as part of my nighttime routine, not everyday, but when I feel like it mostly which is a couple times a week.

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      • Ok, see, I agree with you – twice a day is nuts! But some people feel that you are dirty after being out all day and getting into bed without showering is disgusting. My answer to that: you don’t work in a coal mine!
        I should look into applying body lotion on at night, that sounds lovely.


      • LOL we really don’t work in a coal mine! And I have done some showers at night but my hair is so long and I have to wait for it to dry. I would rather not!

        It really is lovely, you feel like you really took care of your skin! If it’s too much work, just try your hands and feet first. Apply a hand cream, maybe some cuticle butter. For your feet, apply a foot cream or body lotion and slip some socks on. It feels weird at first, but you’ll wake up with soft feet!

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      • I do apply hand cream about 80% of the time. And feet maybe 20% of the time! I do wear socks to bed every night because I get cold… so I should just apply cream before I put them on.


      • Same here. I usually do my hand cream at night and sometimes skip it depending on my mood. Foot cream is more a winter thing for me and once in a while in the summer. Good idea since you already wear socks to bed anyway!


  3. Yes cocoa butter and shea butter are golden combination! I should get one for my husband, his skin can be ashy even this weather :p


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