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Morphe Set 690 – 6 Piece Deluxe Contour Set

The price on their website is $45.99. I got this on Hautelook on sale for $15. SCORE! The packaging is a cheapie black sleeve that I threw away.

Brush Set includes(from left to right):

-Angled Buffer
-Round Buffer
-Pointed Contour Buffer
-Mini Angled Buffer
-Mini Round Buffer
-Mini Pointed Contour

My thoughts

These are feathery soft, dense brushes. I initially got this set in particular because I got even more interested in the contoured look for nighttime especially. I always thought, hey, I could use more face brushes! I thought of this set as a bonus since it comes with three soft eye shadow brushes as well. Looking at them now, the eye shadow brushes are the exact shape of the face brushes. I overlooked this, but it’s nice to have the useful shapes in both face and eye shadow form. Let’s see how they perform!

Let’s start with the face brushes: My absolute favorite is the pointed contour brush because I can use this to either contour on the sides of my face or even set powder underneath my eyes. The pointed shape really lets you get into those hard to reach places without ruining your makeup. The round buffer is an all around great brush that is perfect for blending and buffing in liquid foundation, powders, etc. Lastly, I never really understood the use of the shape of the angled buffer brush; I prefer either flat tops or rounded/pointed tops. Plus, I found this too big for my small face. It was the least comfortable for me to use.

Now onto the eye shadow brushes: What I disliked in the face brushes, I actually loved in the eye shadow brushes. Strange, huh? My favorite brush was the mini angled buffer brush because it laid down my transition shade beautifully and effortlessly, especially because it is such a dense, big brush for my little eye lid space. I found the mini pointed buffer brush to be a little too precise since I never really like harsh lines in my eye look, I tend to buff them out anyway. I think this brush would be great for a cut-crease look, but I don’t go for that on an everyday basis. Last but not least, the mini round buffer brush was too big for my little lids, but it made for a quick application with light or shimmery base colors. Although, I would never pick this up if I needed a dark smokey eye.

The only negative: The one thing I found quite annoying about these brushes is how thick the actual handles are. They are rounded at the bottom and it’s not like they are thick because they have the ability to stand up on their own; Now that I would appreciate. When I’m finished with a dirty brush, I put them in a glass jar. These six brushes literally take up a quarter of space in my jar, and that’s ridiculous.

Recommend? I definitely recommend picking these brushes up, especially this set. Luckily I got this on sale from Hautelook, but I checked on their website and they usually have frequent sales on this set anyway.

Do you own anything from Morphe? 

14 thoughts on “Makeup Brushes Review | Morphe

  1. What a steal! ITA with thick makeup brush handles. It really ticks me off, especially the RT ones with massively thick handles. I use a glass to hold my brushes and I don’t even bother to put the RTs in there.

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  2. Nice deal – every time I see people posting amazing deals from Hautelook I’m tempted to give it a try but I’ve heard nothing but horrible stories about Canadians ordering from that site (loooong shipping time, like MONTHS, and crazy duty / shipping fees – in the end, any savings on the original price are eaten up by the extra charges). The brushes look very nice for synthetics. The angle buffer is handy for getting into the corners of your face like nose and neck area. I know people LOVE synthetic brushes but I find limited use with them – the more brushes I try out, the more I realize I still love my natural bristle ones. And YES, the damn thick handles drive me batty. The worst offenders were the Body Shop brushes that were created so they could stand upright on their own – like WHO ever stands their brushes upright?

    I ain’t got no time for that!

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    • Thanks! That sounds horrible and not worth it in the end especially with all the hassle and wait time. What’s the difference between natural and synthetic in terms of application?? And seriously no one needs handles to be that thick!


  3. looks like a good deal .15 bucks not bad…I have been on the look out for a good contour brush..Ill will give this kit a thought …thanks for sharing this 🙂
    xx Melina


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