Christmas Makeup | Red Lip + Shimmer



Wearing a red lip during the daytime has grown on me. It’s a real shocker because I only used to wear it on nights I’d go out with my friends. Because it’s a holiday, I decided to be festive with my makeup as well as my outfit. This is post 1 of 2 as I will be talking about my makeup now and post 2 will be about my outfit.

Lips:ย MACย Red (Vivid bright bluish-red)

This is my first red lipstick ever and I love it every time I put it on. It makes my teeth look whiter and flatters a number of skin tones. Every girl needs a classic red lip in their life.

Eyes: Naked Basics Palette + Stila Kitten + MAC Ricepaper

The lips are so vivid so I paired it with a laid back shimmery look. I love the combo!


How’s your Christmas Eve? Are you excited for Christmas?!

6 thoughts on “Christmas Makeup | Red Lip + Shimmer

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