OOTD | Snow Day Outfit


Jonas Blizzard of 2016

Boots: Coach | Ski Pants: Helly Hansen | Jacket: Andrew Marc | Gloves: H&M | Hat: Triple 5 Soul | Scarf: Mommy made it (Hidden layers not included)

You do not want to know how many layers I am actually wearing in this photo, but I am going to let you know anyway! I just want to teach you how to be warm when playing out in the snow with your baby niece and nephew, too.

Plan for layers by wearing the thinnest fabrics first, leaving the thickest layers last. First, I started off with a long sleeve thermal shirt, doubled my socks, and wore fleece lined tights. Second, put ski pants on and tuck them into snow boots. Your bottom half is already done. Third, layer a long sleeve shirt that covers your chest, so no v-neck business here. Fourth, layer on a fitted sweatshirt. Finally, the last layer is a loose turtleneck sweater.

I swear just five minutes of waiting for those two monkeys to get ready, my body was overheating and I wanted/needed to be in the blizzard!

Did you play in the snow? What did you wear?


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