Warby Parker Fall 2018 Collection

My family, boyfriend and I love Warby Parker. We each have a pair and were able to visit their beautiful location in the city. It looked like a library, but instead of shelves lined with books, it was filled with glasses. I remember visiting WP and loving the fact that I could try on any pair of glasses, no matter the shape or design.

Glasses are not only for vision, but they can also be seen as a fashion accessory. As with any accessory, changing them like you do your shoes or necklace, it’s ideal your glasses go well with your outfit — Glasses are a very personal accessory that can make your look.

Although I love the fact that Warby Parker is making a “Narrow” option for some of their designs for smaller faces such as mine, I’m actually very drawn to Ava in Rose Gold. I have grown my obsession with Rose Gold jewelry this year. Luckily, it was my birthday in early September and I have acquired some rose gold accessories that would look perfect with Ava, pictured here:

If you wear glasses everyday and have the opportunity to switch it up, Why not? The unexpected fun pops of color in any pair of glasses makes them interesting and unique, especially in these Teal Tortoise frames.

Sounds too good to be true, but you can wear colorful frames multiple ways. For instance, if your style leans towards wearing classic colors, such as black, white, gray, Teal Tortoise styled frames are the only pop of color your outfit needs. On the contrary, matching the different specks of colors in the frames to your top or your pants can really tie the whole look together. See below for a few outfit ideas depending on your style, classic or colorful:

I have long black hair and trust me, I love my black sunnies, but for an everyday look, I think thick black frames may look a bit harsh. With my black hair and medium skin, I personally would opt for Amelia in Root Beer or Daisy Narrow in Tea Rose Fade for their pretty color and design, as well as complementing my hair and skin tone.

Pictured above, the Townsend in Polished Silver with Brushed Navy draws attention to the face since the design is mainly up towards the sides of the face. The Brushed Navy hue would give my look that subtle yet interesting pop of color I want. Choosing this design would be the perfect balance of classic and fun.

Which is your favorite pair from the Warby Parker Fall 2018 Collection Launch? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

4 Ways to Style Gray Ultraboosts

My boyfriend loves his boosts about as much as he loves me. He was constantly raving about how comfortable his new Adidas felt, that it made me want to get a pair of my own! Now here I am starting off my newfound Adidas addiction with my first pair of Adidas Ultraboosts in Gray.

At first I didn’t know how to wear them, but here’s how I styled them. Also, these are Casual Friday work-friendly outfits:

I tried the gray-on-gray with the stripes and the sneakers.

I liked using the gray sneakers as a neutral color to complement my pop of color in the mint top.

Ever wonder how to make a skirt look casual af? Also, go makeup-free like I did! It completes the look 😂

My favorite way to style my Ultraboosts by a long shot is via Athleisure. I don’t go to the gym, but I sure have cute mesh panel/cutout workout pants!

Let me know your favorite way to style sneakers in the comments below! Thank you for reading!