How to Wash your Makeup Brushes



Bring out your dirty makeup brushes, a towel, and your liquid or solid soap.

My skin is very sensitive. I only use my face brushes once and consider them dirty after one use. I don’t want to put any unnecessary bacteria back onto my face especially when it is 100% preventable.



Here are the following steps I do to maintain and clean my makeup brushes:

1. With lukewarm water, wet only the hairs of the brush, being careful to avoid the ferrule (the metal part on the handle that keeps the hairs glued together.) If water hits this, the glue gets loose as well as the bristles, causing the hairs to fall out even faster.

2. Dip the wet bristles into your soap of choice swooshing the brush in circles to achieve the foaming action.

3. With the palm of your hand, repeat step 2, while massaging the brush to get all the makeup out of there.

4. With lukewarm water, rinse the brushes until the water runs clear.

5. Squeeze any excess water from the bristles.

6. Lay them flat on a towel or paper towel to dry. It is best to hang them upside down to avoid getting water into the ferrule, but laying them down is fine, too.

7. Once they are completely, absolutely 100% dry, put them back into their brush homes, whether it is a jar, a drawer, or a makeup bag. All done!

You should be left with beautiful, good as new brushes and beauty sponges.



What do you wash your brushes with? Liquid soap? Olive oil? Solid soap? Let me know!

Thank you for reading!



33 thoughts on “How to Wash your Makeup Brushes

  1. Great minds think alike! I have a how I wash my brushes post scheduled for next week πŸ™‚
    My method is similar – what soap do you use to clean your brushes?
    And is the Beauty Blender solid the bee’s knees for cleaning sponges… currently I use Dawn liquid detergent for my sponges!

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    • Great minds DO think alike πŸ˜‰ I use anything and everything: I’ve tried dish soap + olive oil, baby shampoo, daily brush cleaner, and now I am using the Beauty Blender Solid cleanser for sponges and makeup brushes. It’s really quick and easy. It is my second BB solid cleanser. I still want to try other methods, but this one seems to be the fastest! The gunk you’ll see! Oh my. It leaves your brushes looking new.

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  2. I use antibacterial face wipes on rushed days if I haven’t washed my brushes but in general I’m a one use girl as well! I use Cetaphil to wash them..mostly because my skin is sensitive and I don’t want to use anything on my brushes that I wouldn’t use on my face.

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  3. I love your make up brush collection!! Useful tips there, my brushes usually get water into the metal part *gasp* I need to stop doing that!!
    Just noticed that your fan brush has become sort of a little pitchfork laying there… haha the random things I say ><

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    • Thank you! I think that it’s okay to get water in them like once or twice, just not to make it a habit. I have seen brushes die on me and once was while I was applying makeup and the brush hairs were on my face. It was like a brush massacre. It was not pretty. And funny enough, when I took this picture and posted it, I was thinking to myself, man, I should have reshaped that fan brush because it is lookin’ funky! Keep the random comments comin’ πŸ™‚

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  4. Sometimes I use olive oil first- this really gets the gunk out like you wouldn’t believe- and then I follow up with soap. Other times, I use a brush cleanser. Great that you mentioned about the metal part not getting wet- I see so many people do that and it starts deteriorating the brush.

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    • Thanks! Before ever using the BB solid cleanser, I had used olive oil and dish soap as well! I know exactly what you mean about the gunk. The brushes end up looking good as new and it is always so shocking how white the blush/bronzer brushes end up being! I would make a little puddle of olive oil next to the dish soap. A lot of swirling action with that method!

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  5. I’m staring at your very huge brushes collection now and think I need some more…by the way, a good cleaning is key to have them not only free from powders or products we’ve already used, but to keep the brushes in ‘good shape’. πŸ˜‰

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    • This isn’t even all of them! I want more face brushes due to laziness of having to clean brushes every week. Yes! I have had those shaping cones for brushes, but I get lazy to use those too. And I only have a few.


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