Body Scrub Review: The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil


Using body scrubs has saved me, especially my legs after shaving. Ever since I starting religiously using body scrubs, I have not encountered those pesky little ingrown hairs that I used to. In my experience, body scrubs really do work to help slough off dead skin cells, leaving the skin softer and smoother.

How to Use this Rough Scrub:
Here are the steps I take in using this body scrub after I have already soaped and rinsed my skin.


1. Scoop some onto your hand and apply directly to the area that needs to be scrubbed.
2. Rub the area in circular motions.
3. Rinse off.

Dry skin?

Because this is Wild Argan Oil, it must be moisturizing, right? Yes! It actually is. Because this is one of their newer lines, I thought that this product would just use the hype and name of “Argan Oil” but not deliver on what Argan Oil really does. I am happy to say that this product delivered and was awesome during the winter time. I felt that even though it was getting rid of dead skin, it was simultaneously hydrating and moisturizing. I use this about 2-3 times a week.

Other Body Scrubs:

I have tried many body shop body scrubs. The texture of this body scrub can only be described as a firm jelly that has rough granules in it. Not so rough that it will irritate your skin, just enough that you know it is working. The coconut one, for example, is a more on the creamy side of body scrubs and personally is my favorite. The Shea one contains a lot of salt and sugar granules, leaving you with a moisturizing film on the skin. (You’ll either love it or hate it — I love it.)

Would I repurchase?

Here’s the thing. I only ever purchase anything from The Body Shop when there is a 40%-50% off + Free Shipping sale. Otherwise, I don’t think it’s worth it. Would I repurchase this body scrub? Yes, I think I would — Just not for the summertime. I feel that it was perfect for when I had dry skin.


The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Rough Scrub

What do you think of body scrubs? What is the best one you’ve tried?


15 thoughts on “Body Scrub Review: The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil

  1. I only shop at Body Shop if there’s a sale too. They pretty much have a sale every week anyway, so it’s not a huge deal to wait. This scrub has an interesting texture from your description! I mainly exfoliate my body with my Salux cloth… which reminds me, I need to post a review on that soon. Thanks for reviewing this scrub, I’m going to check it out next time I’m at the Body Shop.

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  2. I’ll have to try this one or the coconut, I got one from Target, I think it was Boots brand, but it’s pretty eh. But I’m going to use it up anyway.


    • I’m the same way. A body scrub is still a body scrub. Might as well use it up! There’s one brand from the drugstore that has good rough body scrubs. I believe it’s the Shea Moisture brand. You should try those if you shop at Target often. i don’t have one super close to me so I don’t get them as often. But they are good!

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      • Damn, I was just at Target this morning! Haha I’ll probably be back tomorrow anyway, I’ll look for this! My store is in my town so it’s become a problem. I love it there and it keeps Ava busy for an hour!


      • Ok then tomorrow! Let me know when you try it. I have tried the olive oil one and the lavender one. I liked the olive oil one more. It’s rough, but I don’t remember if it leaves a film on your skin or not. It’s been a year or so!

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    • Oh yes. They have awesome body scrubs. It’s the whole reason I purchase from them. All the other products I buy are just to try them out, like the lip balms, shower creams and body butters. Otherwise I could buy scrubs the whole time. Lol I’m a scrub-o-holic.

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