Online Shoppers: No Need to Guess Your Size | True Fit

Have you ladies and gents ever seen this before? Your True Fit Size

This weekend, I was shopping online on American Eagle. (You’ll see my winnings in a haul next week!) Anyway, they had a button that said Find Your True Fit:


Intrigued, I clicked on it and appeared another box:


For instance, if you were looking for a skirt, once you filled in all the requirements, you could even add a skirt you already know fits you – a size from another brand – enter it and they’ll give you even more accurate results. I found the only downside to this is that they do not have every brand available, but they do have a handful of recognizable brands. You can add as many or as little additional brands and clothing as you like for tops, bottoms, etc.

Then, the next time you shop, underneath the size, you’ll see Your True Fit Size. For this particular shirt, I’d be a Small:truefit2

Apparently, other brands are utilizing this helpful feature online. There are many brands associated with True Fit, and I think it’s amazing mainly because…

I made sure it worked by testing all the sizes I had in the past for skirts and tops. At first everything was saying extra small, so I thought it will just say I am XS in everything (not accurate.) Then I checked a circle skirt that I bought a few months ago, and my true fit size was in the size S that I purchased it in. Accurate!

In addition to the Reviews Section, if this spreads to other retailers online, I think shopping online would be made even easier and more convenient.

Have you ever seen or used True Fit online or in stores before?

21 thoughts on “Online Shoppers: No Need to Guess Your Size | True Fit

  1. That’s a good feature. It’s so hit and miss with size consistency even within the same brand! This is why I don’t buy a lot of clothes online. I wish women’s clothes were like men’s clothes – the size actually correspond to the measurements!


    • I buy online when I already know my size plus I look at reviews and helpful customers actually say their height weight and the size they picked. I absolutely hate when someone puts ‘it fits great!’ And no other helpful details.


  2. I’ve seen this but I really don’t shop for clothes enough to know how well it works! 🙂 It’s so hard to guess since cut can vary so much even within the same size. It’s a great idea, though, since (as SM said already) women’s fashion doesn’t seem interested in just giving us proper measurements for clothing.


  3. What a cool idea! Although not entirely accurate it’s better than just guessing, especially when online shopping with brands you’ve never worn. Hopefully more stores will do this!


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