Formula X | X Press Pod Gift Tags


Last year, Sephora had Formula X holiday nail polish sets. It’s very interesting because they are not your ordinary nail polish cap and bottle. They are very tiny pods that you squeeze out as you paint your nail. This is mainly ideal for travel.

Here is the packaging (front and back):


Here’s what’s inside:


Here’s the list of colors:

Invincible – Warm Vanilla

Vivacious – Pearlescent Gray

Pedal to the Metal – Pearlescent Electric Purple

Blazing – Pearlescent burgundy

Curiosity – Lipstick red

Intensity – Powder pink


Because I noticed how small these pods really are, they are only good for one manicure and pedicure which prompts my following question…

Which colors would you like to me swatch? Leave a comment below!

9 thoughts on “Formula X | X Press Pod Gift Tags

  1. These are so weird. I would love to see how they actually work, if you can manage shots of that 🙂 I’m gonna go with Curiosity, since the name is apt and I gotta love a red.


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