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Notebooks are often overlooked as merely school/office supplies, but to me, it’s where I keep to-do lists, blog ideas, appointments, and key points from important events/meetings/phone-calls.

I don’t necessarily use this for school or work because it’s more of a personal thing; so personal that the notes are random at times and only I can understand them. Sometimes, I write something significant that happened in my day or when an event happens, and I eventually know I will have to reference back to its date/time.

When do you ever have to pick up a pen and write something out? Usually you have a computer, laptop or phone doing the “writing” for you. In my personal experience, it makes remembering things easier than if I just type it into my Notes App.

I really think my cute little notebook helps organize a chaotic day into one thought. I love my little notebook and I have another blank one that’s waiting to be written in as well.

Do you have notebooks that you regularly use? What do you write inside of them?

16 thoughts on “Lifestyle | Little Book of Big Ideas

  1. I write every day into my work notebook of meeting notes, things to do, people’s phone numbers, upcoming events… I’ve been keeping my work notebooks ever since I started working. I have no idea why but I worry about throwing them out just in case there’s information I need in them! 😛


  2. I am a complete notebook junkie! I have a bunch of them that I use frequently for jotting down anything. Anything from shopping lists, to favourite makeup, blog ideas, recipes, gardening notes, you name it…it’s written down!

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