How to Tie your Scarf Three Ways

Inspiration: @wendyslookbook


The only thing I look forward to in the wintertime besides hot chocolate and snow-days, is wearing boots and scarves. Scarves, in particular, can make a outfit look even better. Use a scarf for matching perfectly or for contrast, a scarf will not only keep you warm, but will also make you look polished and more put together.

Now that Spring is coming up, you can also tie your scarves in the three ways below, but instead of a thick winter scarf, you can pull out the scarves with brighter colors, floral print, and thinner material.

Before we do anything, we should really start off with the basics, the classic way of tying a scarf as your base.


The hanger is my model since I can’t take pictures of myself!




This is one of the most common ways to tie a scarf. It’s simple and easy to do when you’re on the go.


1. Simply take both ends of your scarf and hold it in front of you and find the middle.

2. Place the middle on your neck.


3. Take both hands with ends in hand behind your head, in order to cross over the opposite scarf piece.

4. Now you should  have both ends in front of you. Adjust to your liking.

Now that we have that step out of the way, here are three ways I have been wearing my scarf during the fall/winter seasons along with a step by step tutorial on each:

A. Double Twist


This will sound hard to do and look hard to do, but it only takes a few seconds. The double twist will look complicated to everyone except for you.


1. Fold your scarf in half.

2. As if you’re going to do a European Loop with the scarf, take the end with the loop and place the rest of the scarf in the loop.

3. While still holding onto the loop, twist the loop (to form an 8)


4. Take the ends of the scarf once again and put it inside that second loop. Adjust to your liking.

B. Braid


This is my favorite one to teach to my friends. You have to take some steps from scarves A and B to help create this Braid.



1. Drape the scarf over your shoulders, adjusting it to make one long piece and one short piece of the scarf.
2.Take the long piece and place it to go around your neck, with the end piece in front of you again.

3. Here comes the tricky part. Take the loop that is laying on your neck and lift it. Now with the short piece of the scarf, put your hand in that neck loop while grabbing the short piece. Do not pull it all the way through. Make a loop with the short piece.


4. Now take your long piece and slide it through that small loop you just created. Adjust to your liking.

C. Infinity Scarf (circle or loop) –


You can make your own infinity scarf with your regular scarf. It’s easy!


1. Put the scarf around your neck.
2. Tie a knot at the bottom.


3. Treat it as an infinity scarf, and layer the scarf around you twice.

I got the idea to do this post while I was doing my first OOTD post. I even included the moment I got the idea when I was talking about the scarf used in the OOTD. I only hope ideas like this come naturally and often.

What is your favorite way to tie your scarf? Was it in this post? Thank you for reading!

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