OOTD: Holding onto Summertime

IMG_5755I can’t seem to let go of summertime! It’s always been my favorite season because honestly, I hate pants.

No makeup look at the end of this post because I went makeup free on this night. Here is one of my last summery outfits; I will miss all the short shorts and sandals. I wore this outfit on a sushi dindin and let me just say, the looseness of the top allows you to eat more! Isn’t that what every girl wants?


I love how the bralette just peeks through the dropped arm holes of the flirty and fun printed shirt. I picked a black jacket to tie aroundย my waist specifically to match my bralette and if the night gets chilly, I have a jacket. Multipurpose! Overall, it helps tie the look together. These are my favorite flip flops because they aren’t completely flat, the bottom is comfortable, they have a cloth material and are well made.

Now let’s talk about my new favorite shorts. I have been searching for short denim shorts with exposed pockets. What I love about the ones I found isย not only do they fit me well, but they also have unique lace designed pockets that stick out. It’s a lot more feminine than just having the straight edges of the pockets sticking out. I love them!

Top: Urban Outfitters | Bralette: Aerie | Sunglasses: BabyPhat | Shorts: AEO | Collarless Jacket: H&M | Flipflops: Lucky Brand | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Can’t you see how much I enjoy that summer vibe?

What was your favorite look for the summer?

25 thoughts on “OOTD: Holding onto Summertime

  1. Gawd, you’re too cute! I have been slowly transitioning to Fall clothes… no more shorts or tanks for me! We did have a heat wave in early Sept but then when we went on vacation, it was quite cool. Now it’s hovering between cool Fall weather in the mornings and warm sunny weather in the afternoons so I have to dress in layers. Tomorrow is the official first day of Fall, girl! Get with the program!

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  2. LOL you said I hate pants! I’m actually kind of hating get back into pants too, I wore them last night-all I can say is thank God for jeggings! Summer definitely feels over for me, especially being back in school, but I’m excited to transition from sandals into booties ๐Ÿ™‚


    • LOL BUT I DO! I said it and I can’t take it back now… I hate pants!

      Jeggings are a life saver but I also hate the too tight feeling after a while. Booties are so cute. I only have ones with heels.. I really need a flat pair for everyday wear!

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