OOTD | Orange + Blue

IMG_5760Happy 1st day of Fall/Autumn! I’m slowly transitioning into Fall, but sometimes the weather won’t let me.

It was hot enough to wear a tank top and shorts, but it could have turned a bit chillier later in the day so I tied a light jacket around my waist. My orange bag matched my orange top, while the navy blue jacket complemented all the oranges. My black and white sneakers are perfect for any casual look. I love how the sneakers are white at the bottom — if they were all black, I would have trouble matching it with certain outfits. It’s surprising but true. The white bottoms help me out a lot. Plus, the comfort — I was able to walk around the Japanese mall, drugstore, and mall and my feet never hurt.

Tank Top: J Crew | Shorts: AEO | Jacket: GAP | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Sunglasses: Coach Sunnies | Sneakers: Nike | Accessories: HRH Collection

I wore my hair in tiny braids to pull the hair out of my face. Let me know if you’d like a tutorial on how to do this different but simple hairstyle.

How has your style changed now that it’s the beginning of Fall?

28 thoughts on “OOTD | Orange + Blue

    • YAYAYAY! Good job, girl! Stepping out of your comfort zone is not easy.

      If I own any orangey fall/winter clothes, they are more on the burnt orange side or maroon orange. I wonder what my winter color will be!


  1. I’m still waiting to bust out my autumn attire also! It’s at that awkward time when it’s 54° in the morning, but once noon comes it’s like 89°. 😂😢


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